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Chance to hit/dodge of Druid Minions

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by pepadevadesat, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. pepadevadesat

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    Jul 29, 2010
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    Chance to hit/dodge of Druid Minions

    Hi, please, how is determined Chances to hit/dodge of Druid Minions(Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf and Grizzly eventually Raven)?............ eventually, how is determined their attack rating and defence rating, because it seems that passive bonuses of Spirit Wolf that increased AR and DR and any other bonuses that increased AR and DR for example from Heart of Wolverine or defiance aura will not affect their chances to hit/dodge. It seems, that only their levels affect it. Thank you for eventually answers. And i have also one question, but it is not as important for me as previous question: will any aura affect ravens or vines? Thank you...

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