chainlink frost orb sorc.


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chainlink frost orb sorc.

ya. so

basically im a nub again

i got d2 again and im addicted.

ne ideas on gear i shuld get for this chick from hell?


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this should probably go in the sorc forum

on my fo/cl sorc i use a
nightwing's veil
tal ammy (looking for a crafted caster +2sorc +10-20fcr)
cold die occy
32fcr spirit monarch (looking for a 35)
tal armor
upd snowclash
trang glove (20fcr looking for a better caster)
marrowwalk (str and mana regen)
on switch im going to use a cta/spirit mon

there arent many guides for co/fl sorcs

i dont completely agree with the point distrubution tho
on my fo/cl i put more points to spike (no casting delay) and cold mastery
and working on maxing cl and lm alone
i have +1 to charge, no t-storm, no nova, and a few to lightning