Celebrity Look Alikes. Are you one?

I'll have to dig up some photos for this thread later on. As a child, I was told I bore striking resemblance to Tom Cruise in Top Gun. As a teenager, I was told I bore a striking resemblance to Christian Slater (in Robin Hood, Prince of Theives-my hair was about the same length at the time). As a college freshman (right around the release of The Matrix), I was told I was the spitting image of Keanu Reeves. I got approached in bowling alleys and malls by people asking me if was related to him, by girls at parties, and even my the dean of my college. So much so, in fact, that I was Neo as a joke for Halloween the next year.

Thankfully, I haven't heard any recently. Though if Keanu grows himself a beer gut I might be in trouble. (See, the real reason I can't bring myself to work out is that I'm tired of being compared to Keanu!)


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doesnt work in firefox, works in IE tho

used 3 different pics of me and got 3 different celebrities each time ;/


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People tell me I look like Edward Norton all the time. In fact one of my sister's friends calls me Edward.


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Guess who looks like Ewan McGregor, Ben Affleck, and Mark Ruffalo?

That's right, the moon Triton does.


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AeroJonesy said:
I look like Robbie Williams?

or so it says...

I've also been mistaken for Willie Nelson on occasion.
i believe that thing takes the general shape of your face...

im not gonna do it, cuz itll make me look like someone i dont look like.

and i dont look like anyone :thumbsup:


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About the only person I can think that I have ever been accused of looking like was when I was younger and it was Fred Savage :confused: .

I almost forgot, I did get confused with Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day for some reason.


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I've been told I look like 3 different celebs. Two of them I won't mention but the one I don't mind is Matt Dillon.

One of the others I was even asked for an autograph when I was walking in Hollywood, I had to explain I was just R++. Lady didn't believe me so I signed it. :)