Celebration Thread!!!!!two!!!


Celebration Thread!!!!!two!!!

Yay...this is my 1000th post.

Id like to invite you all into this thread to discuss any NON-heated topic you want. Yay, party all day.

And in celebration I would like to offer everyone a beer:


Now, for the first non-heated topic, lets talk about how beautiful it is outside since its becoming spring now. Everythings blooming, weather is moderate, so nice outside....


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how'd u get 1,000 posts b4 me? :scratch: i've been here longer than u! those are my posts! give them to me!!!!

lol, on the nonheated topic: yes, it is getting really nice outside... its actually warming up to about 32-35F... feels like summer almost :D

edit: i had another account here, but i forgot the pass (oops), so that is why i was here longer than u (although my registered date dont show it)


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random information for today: i'm doing all my laundry at home, where we have an awesome washer and no waiting to use the dryer etc...

im happy :thumbsup:

edit: congrats on the 1000 toader, have a be(er)verage on me =)