%-cast items and synergies?


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%-cast items and synergies?


Originally Posted by bobofuzzlymunky
proc's (chance to casts) arent effected by synergies. o_O "

Yes they are. So are charged skills. I am absolutely, positively, 100% certain about this. I've even built entire builds around this very mechanic (most notably a Meleemancer who maxed Bone Prison and Bone Wall to synergize the ctc Bone Spirit on "Oath" runewords)."

Above is from another thread, the idea discussed was that if yoor amazone was wearing the RW: Peace, there is a chance that a lvl 15 valk is summoned. Now if you put points in Decoy the Valk would get mor life just like a Valk cast by yourself.

As noted many builds could have use of this so:

1) Is it true that "x% if whatever" will gain synergies from your own skills?

2) Will charged items also get synergy bonus?


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1) If you have an item with xx chance to cast lvl xx yyyy on zzz, it will recieve bonuses from eventual synergies.
So basically, if you feel like it, you can synergize the fireball on hellslayer if you use a sorc. (not that it would help you, but still)
Oath ctc can be synergized too, yes.
Same with auras, such as holy shock on dream rw, which gets synergized by skill points in resist lightning and salvation.

2) Dont know.


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holy crap make a fool of me! =O i was wicked tired last night, i may have been thinking about charges synergizing.... idk. >_< now i feel like a nub.


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I think charged items should gain synergies and mastery bonuses, not that you often end up using charged items due to costs (should be selfrepair on those!)

When it comes to CtC and odd builds SSoG seems to know what he's talking about, I doubt there is anything he haven't tested yet...


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what about a brand bow? would maxing the synergies for bone spear make this an amazing char?
Well we have to compare with using bonespear without... *checks* Well we save 18 points to be spent on bonewall/prison. And the other things that bow does. Seems good.

On the other hand is Jah lvl 65 so its a late bow. And ignore defence isnt Auto-hit in anyway.



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When it comes to CtC and odd builds SSoG seems to know what he's talking about, I doubt there is anything he haven't tested yet...
That's not true. I've never played a Hammerdin. :laugh:

what about a brand bow? would maxing the synergies for bone spear make this an amazing char?
Not really. You're probably just better off casting the Bone Spears yourself, especially when you consider that:
1) Brand's Bonespear is stuck at slvl 18, while a Bonemancer can get slvl 40+ (which means a ton more damage).
2) Brand keeps triggering Amplify Damage, which is annoying if you want to rely on another curse instead.
3) Necromancers cast faster than they shoot. Brand starts out at 16fpa and maxes out at 10fpa (whereas Necros cast from 15 to 9), and Brand itself has no IAS to help you get started.
4) Brand = No Shield = Bad Resists.
5) Because of the way the ctc Bone Spear works, it won't always hit the target. The Bone Spear originates at the target and will hit everything BEHIND the target, but only hits the target itself maybe half the time (although the knockback on Brand sure helps out there).
6) Bone Spear = Autohit. Brand = Not.

A Bonespear build will always out-uber a Brand Bowmancer. The place where Brand really shines is if you have a build that's already devoted maybe 40 points to Bone Wall and Bone Prison, but doesn't have enough points to max Bone Spear... or if you have a build that wants to get a viable secondary damage source with only 20-40 skill points (Brand + 20 in Teeth ~ 410 damage, whereas 20 in Bone Spear itself, with no synergies ~ 210 damage). As a result, it's a decent alternative for Summoners who want an additional PI solution, although I suspect it won't exactly blow your socks off.

The best ctc effects (the ones that I consider most viable if synergized and proc'd instead of cast outright) are, in my opinion:
Blood Raven’s Charge Matriarchal Bow ------ Fires Exploding Arrow lvl13 (Amazon only)
Brand Missile Weapon ------ Fires Exploding Arrow lvl15
Treachery Body Armor ------ 25% CtC lvl15 Venom on striking
Grief Sword/Axe ------ 35% CtC lvl15 Venom on striking
Dragon Body Armor/Shield ------ 20% CtC lvl18 Venom when struck
Oath Sword/Axe/Mace ------ 30% CtC lvl20 Bone Spirit on striking
Voice Of Reason Sword/Mace ------ 18% CtC lvl20 Ice Blast on striking
Voice Of Reason Sword/Mace ------ 15% CtC lvl13 Frozen Orb on striking
Rift Polearm/Scepter ------ 16% CtC lvl21 Frozen Orb on attack
Pride Polearm ------ 25% CtC lvl17 Fire Wall when struck
Demon Limb Tyran Club ------ lvl23 Enchant (20 charges)
Obedience Polearm ------ 30% CtC lvl21 Enchant when you kill an enemy
Dragon Body Armor/Shield ------ 12% CtC lvl15 Hydra on striking
Phoenix Weapon/Shield ------ 40% CtC lvl22 Firestorm on striking
Stormlash Scourge ------ 20% CtC lvl18 Tornado on striking
Dragon Body Armor/Shield ------ lvl14 Holy Fire Aura when equipped
Hand Of Justice Weapon ------ lvl16 Holy Fire Aura when equipped
Doom Axe/Polearm/Hammer ------ lvl12 Holy Freeze Aura when equipped
Ice Missile Weapon ------ lvl18 Holy Freeze Aura when equipped
Dream Helm/Shield ------ lvl15 Holy Shock Aura when equipped
Principle Body Armor ------ 100% CtC lvl5 Holy Bolt on striking
Boneslayer Blade Gothic Axe ------ 50% CtC lvl12-20 Holy Bolt when struck

I've tested all of those, and all of those are capable of killing in Hell. Of course, I doubt anyone is going to be impressed by the killspeed of any of those, with the exception of the Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock combos (not really procs, but I listed them because they're still synergizeable), or possibly the Firestorm from Phoenix. I've also been very happy with Enchantresses who used Demon Limbs or Obedience Sticks to save on skill points. The problem is that, since procs aren't affected by +skills, what you need is a high enough slvl to be good on its own, combined with a high enough chance-to-proc to be able to count on it triggering with some regularity. Even the slvl 23 Enchant from Demon Limb only does about 1/3rd the damage of a slvl 40-50 Enchant.

Edit: I also have to say, I had a lot of fun with a Zealchantress who maxed Fire Bolt, Fireball, Warmth, and Fire Mastery, got Enchant from a Demon Limb on switch, and then wore a Passion and dual-Dragons to zeal and trigger all sorts of Hydras all over the place. Too bad she had no way to deal with immunes, and a regular Zealchantress could probably still deal more damage than I could. The name of the game, really, is having fun.