Caspa's Mule Clearance!


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Caspa's Mule Clearance!

It's time to clear out the mules again!
All bids in Perfect Gems or Pul+ please, 20Pgems = Pul

I will try and put some BIN prices up in {} brackets (if they're way off normal prices let me know I'm not very good at valuing things sometimes), Winner is the last bid to stand un-contested for 24 hours assuming my very low reserves have been met.

If you need to catch me in game I'll be on *Caspa *Caspaa *Caspa_Mule fairly regularly

Happy Bidding!

------- Uniques -------

Titans 161ED 6LL {5Pgem}
Thunderstroke 161ED +3Jav {5Pgem}
Gerke's Sanctuary 220ED 26res 12DR 15MDR
Windhammer 205ED
Lacerator 164ED
Tomb Reaver 1os 245ED 199EDvUD 253ARvUD [email protected] 13LaK 78MF {Pul}
Wizardspike {3Pgem}
5os Runemaster 221ED
Jalal's 162ED {Pul}
Alma Negra 182ED 1skill 75EDmg 64AR 6MDR
Bartuc's Cut-Throat 190ED 9LL
Bartuc's Cut-Throat 161ED 5LL
Thundergod's Vigor 189ED {Um}
Frostburn {5Pgem}
Nord's Tenderizer 320ED 2Freeze 12CA 168AR
Atlantean 232ED
Atma's Wail 149ED
Baranar's Star
The Redeemer 292ED +74Dmg 231Dmg to Demons
The Fetid Sprinkler 172ED 179AR
Templar's Might 2Auras 202ED 280DvM 10STR 15VIT {2Ist}
Goldwrap 79GF
Chance Guards 28ED 28MF
Messerschmidt's Reaver
FlameBellow 205ED 3Inferno 18STR 9VIT 30FA
Lidless Wall 97ED 3MPK {5Pgem}
Skin of the Vipermagi [email protected] 13MDR {5Pgem}
Tiamat's Rebuke 140ED [email protected]
Que-Hagan's Wisdom x2
Magefist 24ED x2
Razor Tail 134ED
Eth Guardian Angel 182ED {Ist}
Eth Skin Of The Vipermagi 120ED [email protected] 11MDR {Ist}
Jade Talon 207ED 13ML [email protected]
The Spirit Shroud
Steelskull 36MF 229ED
Steelskull 38MF 237ED
Eth 20s Djinn Slayer 224ED 5LA
Skullder's Ire
Nokozan Relic
Saracen's Chance [email protected]
Crescent Moon
Barb Torch 14-15 {Mal}
Necro Torch 16-10 {Um}

------- Socketed -------

4os Knout
4os Knout
4os Knout
5os Knout
4os Crystal Sword
5os Sup Crystal Sword 12EDura
3os Dimensional Blade
4os Flail
4os Sup Flail 14ED 2AR
5os Flail
5os Flail
5os Flail
4os Phase Blade
4os Phase Blade
5os Phase Blade
3os Phase Blade
6os Phase Blade
4os Crystal Sword
5os Sup Flail 15ED 13EDura
5os Collosus Blade
4os Collosus Blade
5os Collosus Sword
4os Eth Great Poleaxe Kylome - Ist
3os Dusk Shroud 406Def
4os Dusk Shroud 458Def
4os Greater Hauberk 499Def
4os Loricated Mail 464Def
4os Wire Fleece 477Def
4os Wire Fleece 472Def
4os Eth Sup Chaos Armor 5ED 539Def
4os Eth Chaos Armor 504Def
4os Ebugged Archon Plate 928Def georr - Um
4os Ebugged Dusk Shroud 828Def
4os Wyrmhide 454Def
4os Greater Hauberk 432Def
4os Boneweave 422Def
4os Hellforge Plate 529Def
4os Sup Ornate Plate 500Def
4os Great Hauberk 453Def
4os Akaran Targe [email protected] 125Def
4os Sup Akaran Rondache [email protected] 14Edur 117Def
4os Sacred Targe [email protected] 131Def
4os Ebugged Kurast Shield [email protected] 382Def
4os Monarch 138Def zyyz - Pul
4os Ebugged Monarch 330Def
4os Akaran Rondache [email protected]
4os Crown Shield [email protected]
"Sprit" Protector Shield 32%FCR [email protected] Base

"Sprit" Protector Shield 32%FCR [email protected] Base

------- Charms/Jewels -------

GC +1 Masteries {Um}
GC +1 Shapeshifting {Um}
GC +1 Warcries {Mal}
GC +1 Defensive Auras
GC +1 Curses, 10Life
SC 5FHR x5 (3plain, junk, 14AR)
SC 20Life, 1Mana
SC 19Life
SC 11Life 5-18FDmg
SC 11%FR
SC 10%LR
SC 100PD
Jewel 1-99LDmg LVL49
Jewel 12Max LVL18
Jewel 15Max, 2MPK LVL18
Jewel 15IAS LVL31
Jewel 22ED 13Life LVL37
Jewel 14Max 9STR LVL50
Jewel 17Life 24LR LVL37
Jewel 23ED ATD 3 LVL37
Jewel 15IAS 7ED LVL31
Jewel 15IAS 14LR LVL31
Jewel 27ED 2Dex LVL37
Jewel 1-70LDmg 22PR LVL37
Jewel 14ED LVL9
Jewel 15ED LVL9
Jewel 18ED LVL9
Jewel 21ED LVL37
Jewel 31ED LVL58
Jewel 32ED LVL58
Jewel 34ED LVL58
Jewel 34ED LVL58
Jewel 13Max LVL50
Jewel 15Max LVL50
Jewel 15IAS 7ED LVL31
Jewel 15IAS 14LR LVL31
Jewel 16ED 58AR 1-73LDmg 19PR LVL49
Jewel 12ED 4Min 6STR junk LVL31
Jewel 7FHR 15ED 7STR 7PR LVL42
Jewel 6Min 5Max -15Req 1MPK LVL30

Ammy +3Lightning 14Energy
Ammy +3Cold Skills 10Strength
Ammy +3Martial Arts
Ammy +3Masteries
Ammy +3Traps
Ammy +1Barb 48Life 10Replenish LVL27
Ammy +2DSummon 10FCR 4Max 1-18LDmg 15Mana 23PR LVL 37

------- :: CRAFTING :: -------

97 Junk Jewels
16x Spirit Sets with Hel

------- :: ISO :: ------

Pgems in bulk!
4os 3skill 15ED GM Bow
Low Ptorch
7MF SC's


4os Scourge -Ist
4os Phase Blade -Ist
Tal's Armor mike1117 - Um
"Spirit" Heraldic Shield 35FCR 104Mana [email protected] Base sharkapl - Ist
Snowclash 169ED 10Blizz Flip10thMtn - 10Pgems
5os Phase Blade Impending - Pul
4os Monarch 140Def Impending - Pul
SC 3Max 10AR 5FHR Impending - 3xIst
SC 20Life Impending - Ist
3os Mage Plate 253Def, 3os Mage Plate 261Def, 3os Mage Plate 251Def zyyz - Mal
3os Sacred Targe [email protected] 133Def FalconPunch - Gul
Jewel 20ED 3Max 15Mana 30LR LVL14 TCTC - Um
Jewel 21Def 7STR 7DEX 29CR LVL42 TCTC - Um
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Re: Caspa's Mule Clearance!

i got 2os giant skull, metalgrid, natures peace, 20dr gaze, and 3x 7mfsc for 5ist or ohm or sur.


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Re: Caspa's Mule Clearance!

I have these for your 2x Jewels
Vamp Gaze 7/8/18
Gore Riders

Jewel 15Max LVL18
Jewel 19ED 8Max 6Energy -15Req LVL18

let me know



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Re: Caspa's Mule Clearance!

I'm no longer after Vamp Gaze, Metalgrid or Natures Peace. I will still your deal though TCTC as I can always use more Vamp Gaze :)


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Re: Caspa's Mule Clearance!

3os Archon Plate 460Def
3os Archon Plate 511Def
4os Eth Thresher

Vex + Mal for the above.
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Re: Caspa's Mule Clearance!

I did have someone win that for 4xMal but they never ended up collecting it.


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Re: Caspa's Mule Clearance!

eek... well, obviously its worth more than 10 pgems... this ladder's prices never cease to amaze me. well... if you'd let your other 15ias gem go for pgems, let me know. Sorry about that.