Carmen Sandiago has been found!


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And to think of all the wasted hours trying to figure out where she was by having contestants on that crappy gameshow, having people play those countless horrible videogames, and everything else Carmen related over the past 15 year or so, when this whole time she's been hiding out in Cairo. :eek:


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nrabbit said:
who is carmen sandiago?
You must be a young'un!

Carmen Sandiego was/is a central character to a popular 1980's computer game called "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

Carmen was a master crook, and you were a detective trying to track her down by picking up clues geared towards teaching history, geography, logic, etc. Along the way, you'd apprehend underlings until finally you would catch her on the last "level". If you bought the game, it usually came with the current Almanac so you could study the clues.

It was a good educational game when I was growing up. I enjoyed it for a long time.


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{KOW}Spazed said:
I used to have the computer game, it came in a box of Chex IIRC.

Good times.
Hah, I had it too! The 5 1/2" disk version!

I learned so many facts about foreign countries that I've since forgotten.


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My friend and I would team up to play that game. Wow, that was on Win childhood, I wish I still had it. Now I'm nearly an adult and would be able to play that game without all. Well, I do remember how much fun it was and how much I learned from it. We need more games like it these days.


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I used to play that on my old MacIIsi, and I'd play it on the old comps at school. Did anyone ever watch the TV show?

Do it Rockapella!