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Cain : ( to the Sorc ) " Hello! Hmmm... Hey young lady, you look a little chilled, I could drag that new carpet you brought over by the fire & keep you warm..."

Warriv : " You lecherous old man!! "



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Sorc: He followed me home, dad. Can i keep him?
Cain: You remember what happened last time we let you have a pet?
Sorc: Ya... but i promise i won't thunderstorm this one. Pleeeeeaaasssseee!!!
Cain: (sigh).... alright
Sorc: ooops... i did it again.


Usufruct said:
Abominable Snowman Killed, by Boring Story from Deckard Cain

I think the better pic to fit that caption would have the skeleton of the Abominable Snowman lying there...and Cain still talking!


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One day the sorceress and Yeti were stitting by the fire, relaxing. The sorceress noticed the Yeti playing around with a small charm. The sorceress always liked charms, so she asked him for it.
Sorc: "May I have that charm please?"
Yeti: "It is my precious, you are going to have to earn it!"
Sorc: "Ok, what must I do?"
The yeti thinks for a moment.
Yeti: "we shall have a drinking contest, i have a huge keg behind that chest!"
They agreed and set out drinking enough to kill a pirate or gnome.
Yeti: "hic....whatddaaa weeedo now? Issa all gone!!"
Sorc: "weeeeeaaaaiiit, I gotta good stuff in me stashss!"
And so, the sorceress pulls out several bottles of very rough liquour.
After they each downed a bottle, the yeti falls to the ground, dropping the small charm behind him.
The sorceress, being very very drunk (notice the orange helmet icon) Starts randomly casting a spell underneath herself. And within seconds become sober.
Sorceress: "I love the detoxification spell! Too bad he was too stupid to notice I was casting it every time I got too drunk."
Cain: "So baby, where were we? You see in my day, all the ladies of the court in the old times loved me. So naturally you must..........(contiues rambling for about half an hour longer than a day)
Sorceress: "Um, right."
And so, the sorceress begins to chant the silence spell on Cain, only to realize that there is no silence spell. So naturally, she hostiles Cain, gets her frozen orb ready, and the rest is history. Bone-shattering!


Sorc ( as Princess Leia ) : " I said GET THAT WALKING CARPET OUT OF MY WAY !!! " ..." Fine I'll do it myself..." ( Kills Chewbacca )


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Cain & Akara: Welcome Home Darling

Sorceress: Hi Dad and Mom, I'd like u to meet my Big, Fat, Obnoxious Fiance...


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Ridureyu said:
"See? I told you that a nice, plush sofa by the fire would get us more visitors!"
Death_Frog said:
Moments earlier this is what appeared on the screen

Abominable Snowman Walks the Earth
Rolling On Floor Laughing With Tears Coming Out Of My Eyes


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Sorc (to Cain): You see? You're not as safe in town as you thought. If I hadn't been here to blast that Yeti you'd be a smear on the ground by now. Let's talk about insurance premiums...