Can't transmute my colosus sword


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Can't transmute my colosus sword


I saved a whole bunch of chipped gems and found a "superior colosus sword" yesterday. But i can't transmute it to a 3 sock in my cube. I put the sword with 3 gems in it and nothing happens.

I used to play diablo 4 years ago, and it was possible to do this. Did they cut it out in an update or something? Can someone clarify?



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RequiemDeath said:
Superior items cannot be cubed for sockets... Normal only...

He is refering to the 1.09 3 chipped gems recipe, NOT the socketing recipe.
To the OP, the 3 chipped gem recipe only works on magical items only.
For the socketing recipe, only white or grey, with non superior ones will work.


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It's more time efficient to run the hell countess than to collect chippies now.


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The recipe from 4 years ago turned a magical (i.e. blue) sword and 3 chipped gems into a new magical weapon with 3 sockets. Now it works with any weapon, but it will only add 1-2 sockets, randomly. With repect to throwing weapons (which cannot have sockets), it won't work at all or it will just get rerolled without adding sockets. I'm not sure which it is. Try it yourself :wink3: