cant open the site


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cant open the site

I can open with mozzila this site but with internet explorer no, Norton antivirus 2005 show a message about a script and ask me what to do - close explorer or continue. If i continue, after some scans i see my comp. is clear, only first time i think i got a file svch0st (no svchost) and i deleted it in /windows/system32

the massage is
your computer is halted bla bla,
object - windows scrip host shell object
activity- Run
FIle- iexplore.exe

prolly Norton have a conflict with my antispyware programs or prolly i have a little trojan activated by some sites, or is about pop-ups, but i dont think so, my computer is clean and he run all other things ok for months.

u guys can open the site with internet explorer (no mozilla) using Norton? anyway why i get this mesage when im opening I dont say is a virus, cuz for example only for this site the "search a word in page" function didnt work for explorer-he crash while searching (for mozilla is ok) so can be some bugs...


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svchost.exe is good (with the letter oh)
svch0st.exe is bad (withe the number zero), delete it and make a dummy folder in its place
should fix the problem