cant login


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definitely sounds like a bad cd. if you want, you can go to an internet cafe and log in from there. i can almost guarantee no problems at that screen.

the only other option would be cleaning your cd head or getting a new cd-rom. usually, the faster ones sold at discount mess up the fastest. if you go cheap, get a slow one (under 48X.)


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i have tried :)

ok its reinstalled but still no luck :-( so waht next??

it doesn't matter what cd i use just the same.


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Hmm, I admit that I'm running out of ideas...

Does it work if only one computer is connected to your network ?

Bring one of your computers in an entirely different network. You probably have to change its IP address, gateway and name server and perhaps even the netmask in that case.

Install the game with your keys somewhere else. Does it work then ?

After uninstalling, did you clear the registry of everything mentioning Diablo ? Try that.

Open a dos box, enter "telnet 4000" (without the quotes), press enter. This command builds up a connection to bnet and sends everything you type and prints everything coming in. In this case it's just used to check if we can connect at all. What happens exactly ? Either you get something like (1) "Connection refused" respectively a timeout or, after a few seconds or even minutes, or you get (2) "Connection closed by foreign host.". In case (1), you are not allowed to connect to battlenet. If it's not a firewall issue, it might be a kind of IP ban. In case (2), a connection was built up, and everything is OK.

Open a dos box, enter "tracert". This command finds out which route is used when connecting to bnet. Does it get stuck somewhere ? What's displayed exactly ?

After trying that, it might become expensive.

Uninstall and re-install with different keys.

Try with a different CD-ROM drive.

Please understand that I won't guarantee for any consequences. My advice come for free and with no warranty. If you don't want to take any risk, ignore me :)