Can't load saved character!


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Can't load saved character!

Hi there all!

Got a little sort of tech question here.

After about 7 years I found my old Diablo II Discs and once I wiped the drool from my face I reinstalled what was probably my favorite PC game ever and started playing.

It's just as good as it always was!

Anyway, my flatmate liked it so I gave him a copy of the full version so we could play online. Trouble is that my version was only the single player basic install, so I took all the information from my saved folder and put it in a safe place and reinstalled the game but with networking.

Well the networking doesn't seem to work but the annoying thing is that my character, who I may add I have got quite advanced in the game with, doesn't show up at the character select screen. The other character I made, who was just a mistake really, does show up and all the information is in the saved folder,and when I go to create another character with the same name it tells me that name is taken.

Can anyone help me here,everything points to all my hard work being there but I just can't access it.

I don't want to have to go through about 5 quests again!

Any information would be great!



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Re: Can't load saved character!

You saved characters from single player are probably from a higher game version. Install the latest patch and retry. If you can connect to battlenet (see last paragraph), you don't have to locate and download the patch, the game will do it automatically when connecting.

When playing on battlenet, your friend needs a separate game key, of course. You don't really expect Blizzard to allow using a pirate copy on their own servers, do you ? :azn:

If you cannot connect to battlenet, reset your server list. The tech support page of the Blizzard homepage provides information about that somewhere.


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Re: Can't load saved character!

Just one question.

Are you trying to play in If so, your Single Player characters cannot be brought to Battle.Net and all the characters are stored at the servers.