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Can't get Diable II to work in XP

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Patch Bug Reports & Suggestions' started by Zurwellen, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Zurwellen

    Zurwellen Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 2, 2010
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    Can't get Diable II to work in XP

    So here is my frustrating problem. I bought Diablo II on sunday and I spent all day today and monday trying to get it to connect to battle net. I tried to reinstall it a couple times, and even did the ipconfig/ flushdns method. One time that i reinstalled it, it actually connected and tried to install the version 1.13c update. But everytime I try to connect it says can't identy your software version. I even registered my CD keys at and downloaded the software incase my cds were out of date. Its the same as what I have. (DIABLO II GOLD WITH EXPANSION PACK INCLUDED)

    Now here is the interesting part. My partner has a computer with with windows 7 and while he was at work today I installed Diablo there and everything work. I even played a about an hour on battle net. I really would like to get this to work on MY computer because, once he gets home his computer is occupied the whole night.

    Here are my system specs.
    IBM t30
    Winxp media center
    1BG ram
    100GB HDD with 20GB free
    NO background programs
    Scanned for trojen and virus yesterday

    Please help I haven't played Diablo in years and REALLY want to get into it again!!
  2. ffejrxx

    ffejrxx Diabloii.Net Member

    Nov 26, 2005
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    Re: Can't get Diable II to work in XP

    could be a problem with your lan
    some schools, apartments, dorms ect.. block gaming ports (4000 and/or 6112)

    first try disabling your software firewalls

    you can test 6112 using the telnet trick

    vista and 7 dont have telnet installed by default

    Open control panel.
    Then go into programs.
    Then in programs and features
    Click ‘turn windows features on or off ‘
    on the list that appears check the box beside: Telnet Client.
    Then click ok.

    start -> run (search vista/7) -> cmd [enter]
    telnet 6112 [enter]
    c [case sensitive must be lower]

    it will give your internet ip if port 6112 is open

     This is a server
    Your IP address is [] (this will be your internet ip)
    Connection to host lost.
    talk to a network admin and see if they can open the gaming ports

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