can't connect to games with normal dificulty


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can't connect to games with normal dificulty

ok here's the deal. i'm a level 22 Barbarian. a really nice paladin at level 84 rushed with me or more like carried me through the main points of the whole game. we or 99% him killed Baal and now when i try to connect to others games i can only find ones at nightmare difficulty. i just want to return to games with others at normal difficulty. i can still create a game with normal difficulty. i tried looking in my options but didn't see anything.

BTW when you kill another player in the game it leaves an ear as an item. can you do anything with these.

some bugger tried to kill me for no reason. after running away failed i killed him.

thank you very much for any help.


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when you kill baal in normal and move onto nm you can still create and join normal games....but you will only be shown nm games in the "join game" screen


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After killing Baal in any difficulty, the only kinds of games that you will see in the "Join Game" screen will be those of the next difficulty of the diff that you just completed. So since you completed the baal quest in normal, the only games you will see in "Join Game" will be Nightmare.

Don't worry, you'll get more exp in Nightmare though. I accidently went into Nightmare at lvl 25 with my Javazon, but I just kept doing cow runs in Nightmare and in a matter of 2-3 days, I lvled to 72-73 just from cow runs. Lol. So don't worry, just do cow runs in Nightmare and you'll keep lvling.

And yeah, you can make Norm games, but, it'll become easier for you to lvl by doing NM, mainly Cows...since it's in Act I.


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Pincushion said:
so how do goto normal games if i can't see them?

BTW are you the same superdave on the BestTechie Forum?
only way i can find to get back to normal is to use a mule who is in norm diff still and copy the name of the game down, then go to ur nm char and paste or type in the name of the norm game,
as for ears, they dont do much, its just a prize thingy to remind u i guess of who u killed.


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It would be nice if there was an actual filter present, whereas if you completed a certain difficulty, you can see other games on previous difficulties..

I sometimes when im bored do generally go help other people, but not if its a hassle (ie, getting a normal character to see whats on, then using my hell character to help.. etc)


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thank you guys very much for the help. yeah i wish it was all just an option you could change. ahh well. fortunately a real nice guy from hong kong helped me level a bunch and guess what. afterwards i just happened to have an item that he had been looking for, for 3 weeks. :clap:

thanks again guys. :thanks:

to bad that i can't play as a giant cyclops smile, :cyclops: i bet that he's got some secret killer powers.

BTW: my only character on the game is named Gored so see you out there.