Can't choose a build

Can't choose a build

Hello. everyone again, I was having problems to login,
(just look at helooooo thread). Thanks everyone that welcomes me.
Now, to the point.
I had enough of enchantress sorceres(I made 4 of them), so it's time to choose another type of character to play. But I just can't decide :p . I probaly have played every type of character builds(except assassins, I hate them), but I don't bother to repeat. Just say some character and a build that you think its fun to play. Thanks everyone in advance :thumbsup:


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Go opposite of the sorc... Frenzy Barb... you will no longer run from the mob!!!!!!

Or, if that doesn't suit your fancy, I sure am havin fun with my Frost Maiden :thumbsup:
*Talking about a zealot... it reminds me one character that i played only once, and didn't make it to hell. My avenger. I liked it but i didn't have enough items to continue. Not sure about paladins... I just hate the way they walk. Don't you?
*Javazons... I wolud prefer a bowazon
*Frenzy Barbs looks fine
*frost maidem? Can you direct me to a link of this build?


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I believe you can probaly find a frost maiden guide stickied in the amazon forum.


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Try a strafer then if you're interested in Bowazons. Go all out speed speed speed and all you really need is a good bow.


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i had A LOT of fun playing a Hunter druid, Tankazon, Flying Booyaka(leaper barb), hmmm....oh yeah and recently a bowasin. but i guess u dont like sins soooo never mind haha.

cheers, C.T.
PinkeyandtheBrain said:
dRo0ds are teh 1337 ur ass.o_O (-_-)
go druids make a summon/ww druid with mostly(75% skill in summoning)

Sounds really fun :D
But before I start a new I want to hear the opnion of the rolling pink egg :clap: so, I'll wait. But I really liked your suggestion.


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No way man, don't stop with the enchantreses. Keep them rolling! 4 is a good number to start with, you need at least 7. No way should you change such a good thing, stick with what got ya there, what ya know.

Enchantress again! Enchantress again!

:goes to bed mumbling mostly incoherently:


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Try a Paladin that goes hand to hand. No, really. Max Holy Freeze, Holy Shock, Resist Cold, Resist Lightning, and Salvation, with one point in Zeal. Get about 200 dex and a Blessed Aim merc so you can actually hit something. Try to find some Crushing blow, and lots of +skill. Drink lots of potions (you have no leech). It's actually Hell viable, and you no longer have to worry about instant IM death (well, you have to worry for your merc), and if you die, you're still equipped with your standard weapon! Plus, you get bragging rights and style points. I mean, come on, you're so buff you can kill the lords of hell with your bare hands!


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Armageddon druid = style :)

Frostmaiden basic setup:
Str and Dex: enough for gear
Energy ~50 (FA requires a lot of Mana, and it's hard to leech)
Vit (rest, I play HC so this may influence me, for SC you might want more energy and less vit)
20 Freezing Arrow
17-20 Valk
10-20 Cold arrow
D/A/E 3-5 each
Pierce 5-10 (depending on bow and gear)
Secondary skill: often MA for physical and magic dmg
Fast Bow, speed is more important than phys dmg since FA does mostly elemental dmg, but if you are relying on phys dmg for your backup then you will want a high dmg bow on switch.
You won't need much in the way of def since you shouldn't be in combat so the rest should be a mix between resists and +skills.
Use as many as possible small charms with cold damage. the amount of damage isn't as important as adding cold length. Freeze duration is increased by 1 sec for each charm (1/2 for NM, 1/4 for Hell)
Act 2HF

That's about it.

Good luck!


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Melee skills with a sorceress, that sounds really out of character.

How about magic skills with a Barb, now thats really out of character. It's also a fun way to play a barb for a challenge.

I suggest to you the magi barb: The build is simple yet very, very challenging.

You will be using 2 skills trees, masteries and warcries.

Now here is what makes this build fun, you are not allowed using the following skills from those two trees:

  • sword mastery
  • mace mastery
  • axe mastery
  • throwing mastery
  • spear mastery
  • polearm mastery
  • warcry

Yes I just listed all of the damage producing skills. So how are you going to kill things, well that is completely up to you (hence why this is a challenging build). I may suggest that you use Oskills from Trangs set, and other castable Oskills that are available, frostwinds arctic blast for example.

After a bit of play testing with my passive barb in Hell, I have found this build to be workable especially after you get warcries to control the monsters. I beat the den of evil using firewalls, volcanos (from pompiies wraith) while attacking and a HF merc. It's a funny build but effective and challenging to get your mind off those cookie cutter builds like the enchantress.
Hello everyone!!! Thanks for the tips, I didn't expect so many :)
I liked pretty much all ideas(even the barb-that-can't-kill-anything). But what realy liked was:
1 - sumon/werewolf(75% skill on summoning)
2 - fishy (long time i didn't play fishys - my last ones were , pure summon, bone/sumon, poison/sumon)
3 - The punching paladin!!! :lol:

I'll make all of them, but i'll try the punching paladin first. And i'll try it hardcore. :lol: Really, i'm not kidding. I think I can kill I can get to normal diablo at least. I'll post the progress in another thread. Thx everyone.

Ah! Bowasin??? I thought they weren't viable anymore. Can you direct to a build of this? The reason I hate sins it's because I hate martial arts and traps. Bowasin don't use them. It might be fun.