Can the alternative druid build stand up?!


Can the alternative druid build stand up?!

So now im in the fase of making an eledruid, already had an wolf so now its the turn for an elemental.

Lets say i dueled that much tornado's that i already fed up with it.
Is there any other skills that should rock in elite pvp's or is there no way?

Any hybrid/experimental something? i dont know?:azn:

Lets say i can afford anything, which druid is the one i am seeking for? Which one can furfill my hunger for great battles..


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I have tried so many types of hybrids and have yet to figure one out that works well. I have a fissure/nado one which is ok but I think I may remake and go nado/volcano. Nado can get around 4k, maybe a little higher and the problem with nado has always been the range factor. Fissure is great but without tons of facets to get -res in gear and since most everyone teleports anyway anymore volcano may be the way to go instead of fissure. Maybe I will remake another hybrid once I am done with my pure fire druid and base the chr around nado/volcano/hurricane. The volcano may be a great stun factor to allow tele and then nado but then again you will not be able to max oak so the build will be hard to get a lot of life around. See why I always give up on the hybrid:jig: