can someone help me with my avatar


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can someone help me with my avatar

i finally found the right avatar for me. Howvere i can't add it yet because it is to big, can someone help me with this computer novice in general. The link to the avatar:

is it possible to get this 75-75 pixels and 9.8kb (the maximum requirements) and still have it moving?

if so please tell me and help meh!:embarassed:

thanks in advance :thumbsup:


Do you do that for just anybody that asks nicely? If so, then I have a bunch of 'tars I'd like to use that I never could get small enough. Even with removing frames.

I'm usually open to lending a hand, but sometimes that backfires.

It's wierd ...remember SD's oversized Mork avatar? That was too big and it worked, others were slightly too big and wouldn't fit in.

Sometimes the database will not accept a change then again sometimes it will.



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Hey Gorny, can you capitalise the first letter of my forum name? Or does Elly have to do that?

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To my knowledge only Elly can authorize a name change (or the other admins I guess). In fact, when Gorny switched from Aragorn he had to ask Elly for it.


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There was a time when Stit changed the color of a bunch of the OTF member's names. Boy did that go over badly with the other mods and forums...
Why not ask the resident OTF name change expert? Me.

First you PM Elly or Rush for a name change.

If after a week no response the next thing to do is PM Freet and DOC of your intention to change accounts. Give them a week's notice. At the end of that week, have them ban your old account. This eliminates any potential abuses.

On that same day, make your spiffy new account. Then get busy posting. Shame on anybody with a post count lower than their IQ!