Can someone do me a favor and...


Can someone do me a favor and...

post or pm be the website that has the pictures of every character wearing every type of armor.


Oh and it would also be great if someone could Help me with the IAS tables for Light Fury throw speed. I searched around the amazon forum and could only find one obsolete link that doesnt work right.


Upon even more searching I found this table(on a link to the amazonbasin forum)

Throw Breakpoints
-10 WSM - Javelin, War Javelin, Hyperion Javelin, Throwing Spear, Harpoon, Winged Harpoon, Maiden Javelin, Ceremonial Javelin, Matriarchal Javelin
0 IAS 14 frames
6 IAS 13 frames
16 IAS 12 frames
30 IAS 11 frames
52 IAS 10 frames
89 IAS 9 frames

If i plan on Using T-strokes (which have 15% ias in them)...wouldnt that make it a -25 attack speed? Does this mean i need to find another table (That probably doesnt even exist) to find out the real breakpoints?

Or does it mean i only need 15% more ias for 11 frames or 37% more for 10 frames using t-strokes?