can some1 explain this?


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can some1 explain this?

so i nl tele ww but sometimes wierd things happens :eek:

when i land on char, i ww on same place for some time, ofcourse i nl in that time, when i stop wwing on same place, hostiled person is gone, he take some good dmg, i still got nl from before and i tele stomp again etc...

some ppl complain its AA lolz.

once i did that to a necro, i was wwing in 1 place, when i finished, he was dead, he said he saw like 6 wws.



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What's nl tele ww? Non-ladder teleport whirlwind? I don't really understand what you mean. You land on the character, whirlwind on that spot for a long time, then you stop and they've tooken good damage but aren't in that spot anymore. Then you teleport to them and stomp on them. And what's AA? Sorry, if I understood I might be able to help. =(


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namelock yeh it happens to me too but i dont get namelock afer

im also having a bad habit of changing to ww after tele too fsagt so i whirl long and suicide


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its called lag ,
also i remember there was anther explanaition about it once , but ofc dont remmeber what it was
something in the lines of too fast switch between tele and ww, but not sure 100%


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aa=avtoaim hack
ww=whirldwind w/e

anyway it happens and i like it lolz

enemy is still in my ww spot while im in ww, but apparently its only their "image"