Can Pindleskin's charge attack become bugged and ignore Energy Shield?


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Can Pindleskin's charge attack become bugged and ignore Energy Shield?

I read in the Energy Shield guide that Pindleskin's charge attack can occasionally deal damage through Energy Shield without the sorceress actually running out of mana. However, I can find no other reference anywhere else. Has anyone ever heard of this or experienced it for themself?

My hardcore sorceress died tonight from one of Pindleskin's charge attacks, and now I am interested in getting a level 40 Energy Shield and having 95% damage absorbed into mana. I don't want to find out the hard way that Pindleskin and his minions occasionally ignore the Energy Shield anyway, because I would lose all of the items I twink on my next sorceress as well as all of the time invested. Even a 1% chance for this bug to occur, if it exists, would be very risky.

Thank you in advance.


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I don't know about a bug with his charge attack, but I guess it is possible that he deals more damage than your EShield can absorb, making your shield collapse and the 'overflow' damage directly affect your life.


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I never run Pindle on my ES Sorc, but teleporting down to Nihlathak I occassionally do get hit by the chargers. It does hit some of my HP, never outright killed me, but I lost much more HP than I should have given a lvl.40 ES. So... be aware of it.

Either way, you don't encounter them enough to be a big issue. The most dangerous things to an ES Sorc are:

Souls: Nothing collapses ES faster than those damn Lightning Souls. If you're not careful, and you get several Souls' attention at once, you're as good as dead. Stacked resists + absorb might save you from getting killed if it is JUST Souls alone, but if there are other enemies to hit you after they collapse your ES, it is very dangerous. Usually, if you're fast, you can S/E if you see them and save yourself from getting hit though, since they take a second to aim and fire their volley.

Manaburn: I've had a single hit from a manaburn mob take down a 3500 mana ES once. It's not pretty. If you stand in the middle of the Baal first wave, and they spawn manaburn, they'll kill you before you can get a single 200 fcr Static Field off, depending on server lag. Nothing is more embarassing than being 90+ and dying in the first wave of Baal minions. Finger Mages in CS are annoying as well. Usually manaburn isn't a problem unless they spawn Fanaticism and Extra Fast, cause you can just tele right away from them. If you're an ES sorc, NEVER teleport into a middle of a boss pack without first knowing whether they're manaburn or not. If you have good FHR, and they're not Fana/Extra Fast, you can teleport away after getting hit cause with ES Sorcs, your mana pool and regen should be able to regen enough mana to teleport right away after losing it all.

If you can avoid those two, ES Sorc is very very hard to kill in PvM.


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@ psych: If my Energy Shield collapses because all of my mana got drained by damage, that's fair and square, and I would've been dead anyway with a regular sorceress. I'm talking about being charged and some or even all of the damage going directly to my health instead of being absorbed by my mana first.

@ draffut: How much is "much more"? 20 health instead of 5, or 200 health instead of 50? Since I'm playing hardcore, I need to know how much of a health reserve I will need to survive one of Pindleskin's charges. Does his charge include a small amount of non-absorbable damage that gets dealt on top of the physical damage? I have no idea what that might consist of.

I'm not concerned about gloams because this is a Pindle-running machine, and I am concentrating on a single lightning skill so I can't damage them anyway.

My main concerns are:

1.) Surviving 5,000 to 20,000 Pindleskin runs. Energy Shield seems to be the answer here.

2.) Killing Pindleskin. I can't decide between Charged Bolt or Lightning.

3.) Dealing with Pindleskin when he's lightning enchanted and has 108% lightning resist. A level 3 lower resist should break it to just below 100%, but I want to keep a Memory rune word staff on my switch, not a wand of lower resist. So I'm not sure how to deal with this one; I may just equip my mercenary to deal with him but that sounds like a slow and therefore non-ideal solution.

Thank you for your help answering my Energy Shield question. It doesn't sound like it's bugged in a horrific and skill-breaking way, so I will give it a shot.


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If you plan to run pindle, forget it right away. Both Pindle, Bonesaw Breaker and ALL monsters of that kind will bypass ES when charging. Possibly Duriel as well.

Manaburn monsters don't burn 4x their damage from your mana, but 1024x (!) so even if a fallen on normal does 1-2 damage, expect 1024-2048 mana to be drained. This bug is merely a typo, but it has been around since Diablo II first hit the stores.

When using energy shield, ALL of these things becomes useless IF you have enough DR/MDR on you (and of course, don't run out of mana):

- Resists (Poison Resist is still of great importance, tho)
- %DR
- Damage taken goes to mana
- Replenish Life
- Absorbs

All because your life is never supposed to take any damage at all.

Expect your merc to be able to deal with players8 pindle when he is immune to anything but physical. (Or if he has Holy Freeze).


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Just some advice about the souls:

For me it helps to tele next to them, so they use melee attack, much more survivable. But then I play SC :)