Can my smiter do Ubers?


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Can my smiter do Ubers?

I just made a smiter recently. His gear is pretty decent and build I think is good. Any comments, critisisms, or any helpful feedback would be great. (Keep in mind this is my first pally).

Grief - 33 ias, +389 dmg
Eth Exile (non bugged) - lvl16 defiance, 834 def
LoH Gloves
Rare Ring - /w str, life, res
Treks - 14/15
T-Gods Belt
Shako or Andy's Helm
29 Res Maras
(CTA + Spirit on Switch)
(Inventory: Low Anni, PTorch, Offensive Gc, Life Sc, Res Sc)

Max Fantansism
Max Sacrifice, Max Zeal,
Max Holy Shield
1 on Smite
1 on prequisites
Stats: Base str, enough dex for max block, rest vita (around 1.8k life without CTA).
- Smite dmg with Holy shield and aura- 1.7k
- Max Resist


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Do you have an organ set? A Character with lifetap and decent resists? Smite is good.

Then you're fine.

But Crushing blow? Uh oh. How about Guillaumes, or Goreriders/ Goblin toe?


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He has no Crushing Blow. So he won't be "tearing them apart". ;)

1) Get a source of CB. Use Guill face and Goreriders (cheapest)
2) Use Last Wish (EXPENSIVE !)