Can i solo the ubers?


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Can i solo the ubers?

Right now i am a zealot using the following

Ebotdz 365 :(
CoA ber/ber 22ar/31 dr
Fort 29 ar
Dungos 38/15
Treks(Plan to get Gore)
Metelgrid 35 ar
Anni 16 ar/ 17

2.2-6.7 Per swing
1800 unbuffed life
9k Attack rat
25k def

Also how much does meph conv aura take away


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swap coa for guillame's face (for cb)
get those gores (for cb)
swap ebotd for grief (better smite dmg, even tho you're a zealer)
Pdia or um your hoz
carry lots of juv's to get you through to when drac's trigger's lifetap

read kingdryands 1 pt smiter guide

Eilo Rytyj

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I've solo'd with MUCH cheaper gear then that.
Meph's conviction lowers resists by 125. You'll either need to stack that high above max, or run Salvation aura when fighting Meph.
Grief is king here, the damage added to smite gets things done in mere seconds.

BTW my gear is... on my level ** Zealot...

Guill's helm w/ 15% res all 4-12 cold dmg jewel
370/31 Grief phase
low Guardian Angel w/ Um <-not upped...
average upped HoZ w/ Um
dodgy Ravenfrost
11 resist, 27 light resist rare ring
2/2 Seraph's hymn

1bo CTA/pally spirit on switch

various Dex charms to get to 136 for phase blade

1450 unbuffed life, 2000 with my CTA

I have no dramas whatsoever solo-ing ubers, despite the dodgy gear. my BO only lasts just over a minute, so i've gotta get that Life Tap planted fast before BO runs out. I only ever wake up 1 uber at a time, so i'm never overwhelmed. I carry half a belt of mana potions for Baal and his mana burn. I don't think i even use full rejuvs, just super healers, it's that easy...

just remember to do your solo uber run in a passworded game, and leave it open for 5 minutes before starting, so that you can exit and quickly re-enter in case you die someplace too dangerous to get to.