Can I kill ubers?


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Can I kill ubers?

Ok, I'm not the richest person and I don't want to waste an organ set so I'm wondering, will I be able to kill ubers with the following items/stats/skills? I'm nonladder btw.


Str: enough for armour
Dex: 125 w/ items
Vit: The rest
Energy: Base


20 Smite
20 Holy shield
20 Fanat
prerequsites (rest not important IMO)


Helm: Guilliam's face
Armour: CoH
Weapon 1: Heaven's light +2, 2shaels
Shield 1: HoZ 'Um'
Weapon 2: 4Bo CTA (lvl 5 life tap charge wand in inventory)
Shield 2: Lidless Eye
Gloves: Perfect dracs
Belt: 14/34 Dungos
Boots: Gore Rider's

Ammy: Highlords
Ring 1: Raven frost
Ring 2: Dwarf star

I have no charms or decent merc. Any suggestions on armour or tips on how to beat ubers? I'm lvl 80 right now. If theres any items on nonladder that you think I should get thats worth 4 or less sojs (willing to trade my 4BO CTA), then please feel free to tell me. Thanks alot!

Das Adin

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First time I tried to do ubers solo I tried with my summoner. I had a backup plan, but it involved my poorly equipped smiter and a friend (real life so I can kick him if he steals stuff) using my 2nd account. After 2 hours and clearing the game of CB revives we gave up after killing Diablo and Baal. What I'm getting at is you need a really good backup plan. You dont get anything back if you can't do it. What I suggest is you get someone reliable who you already know can kill ubers on the forums and have them show you their torch at the door since you can't pick up a second. If you discover you can't solo them, then you can send them in to help.


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I think you should be able to, i usually use salvation when smiting meph, before switching over to fanat for the other 2.


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The gear you mentioned sounds good enough to kill the ubers.My pally has just over max resist in hell,for the ubers I switch to kiras to top out the resists for mephis conviction.
As soon as life tap triggers I smite the bosses and btw take them on separately ,its much easier that way.

I dont use cta and have around 1.5k life so with your cta you should have plenty of hp to handle tristram.


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Ok thats good news. I'm thinking, right now Fortitudes worth about 8sojs nonladder. Should I try to trade my CTA, CoH and an SoJ i have for one? Or is the difference between CoH and fort not that big?


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hmm maybe u can stun them 4 20 secs and be a good team.. btw I wouldn't wear that gear 4 hc ubers...

Eilo Rytyj

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I'd say you could do it solo, I've done it with cheaper/worse gear than that. Just make sure your resist is max AFTER Mephs conviction (use Salvation if necessary), carry Mana pots in your belt for Baal, and laugh at Diablo for being so easy. Only wake them up 1 at a time, ofc.

I think I used Guardian Angel, and Thundergod's belt, 90-95 resist reduced all the minion's attacks to a tickle. I did it WITHOUT cta (1400 life...), HoZ (used stormshield), and it was still fairly easy. Oh, and I used a Zealot (1 point smite... godly). Oh, and it was Ladder, where apparently the monsters are harder... apparently.


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Pre-buff with Treachery for an additional 60% resist all and 15% DR. It will last for 4 minutes or so, easily long enough to kill of Mephy. It's cheap too.


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Ok so from what I heard, I can beat the ubers solo, but I need practice... Treachary seems like a great idea. Is it a ladder only runeword?