Can I handle ubbers ?


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Can I handle ubbers ?

Hello, this be my first post on this lovely forum. Been using it for a good year time now for random information wich these forums seems great for. Thanks google!

Now, on whit the question; I just recently finished my "dream-account" so to speak. Im going to list my characters, and maybe you could tell me if I have any chances ? Feels great to have all characters geared up now aswell :) All legit, so now I need a new goal ^^!

NOTE: None of my items are gz, maybe close to near perfect but thats it.

So its like shako/hoto/coh/enigma/spirit shield/stormshield/zaka/homuncolus/maras/random good amus/magefist/arach/stormtreks boots and so on (All my characters use Raven frostx2 or 1x raven and that ring that gives fire absorb/40 hp). So basicly mainstream normal end-game items for thoes who can afford abit off runewords.

Just to mention gear setups averagely for my characters. I checked breakpoints, and they are alle fine by now for all my characters, so that is done :) Average health for all off them are 1.4k I think. 3 off my characters got low cta (1-2 cta). They are all between 85-87, and they all got max res or close. Only 2 got max block (my javazon and paladin).

Most off my characters got a decent geared merc. Well some people would prolly find them crap, and they do die fast despite having average 10 LL and around 1.6k max damage ^^ (act2 once whit different auras). My javazon`s merc got insight for mana if that could be usefull to know ?

Sorceress fully frozen orb sorc 1.4k orbs, whit energy shield and 5k weak lightning strike. Full inventory skillers cold, whit anni and torch. 2 rows of spaces. She is the onlyest off my characters having sojs if thats worth mentioning ?

Hammer paladin, almost 12k damage, whit around 15k defens whit my mercs aura out. no skillers, no anni, only low torch. max block whit um zaka.

Trap assasin 1-8k traps. Has low torch, 1 trap and shadow skiller.

Full IK barbarian whit mainstream specced. 4k hp, 15k defense, 3.4k-5.7k whirlwind damage whit bo`s (Also has 1 point, that last tier magical talent.. name?). 1 bo skiller, no anni, low torch. Else full inventory of lower charms.

I find it insanely slow killing, and vs mana-burners I die so stupid fast, im doing something wrong im almost sure o_O.. it just seems very weak.

Javazon amazon, killing diablo 1 player in around 5 secs. 1-5.3k charged strike and 1-2.1k Lightning fury. Max block whit um SS. Full inventory, 2 PAM skillers, 3 javazon skillers, 5 poison SCs (higheste being 175, lowest 100), and 2 large charms whit 175 poison, low torch and no anni. This character I feel the strongest on I think. Javazon geared like this are really cool :)

Elemental wind druid 4.3-4.6k tornados and 2-2.1k hurricane. 3k health whit spirit. 1 elemental skiller, low torch and no anni.

Poison nova necromancer, 9.4k-9.8k nova damage and around 75 -res.
Able to make up to 14 minions. 2 PB skiller, medium torch, no anni. Has no deaths web, cant afford, but would make it alot stronger I guess.

Baller/blizz sorc. Meteor 17-18k, 8.7k-9.4k fireball, and 1.6-1.7k blizzard whit 100% cold mastery. Using it for MF mainly, but it has full tal, normal fire end game items, or mainstream sorc MF items.

Thats it, sorry if abit lacking information. Just wanna know if I had any chances vs ubbers (tried ubber andy once, and all my characters failed back then).

Also please dont take this as show-off on any level. I just need to know if my onlyest chance of ever doing ubber is doing a stupidly exspensive smitter paladin, or if some of my current characters got a chance.

I mostly think my javazon got the best chance (She really only needs maybe 1-2 skiller more, anni, better titans and SCs etc to be really good).

And sorry for long post :eek: Got abit longer than I wanted it to be..
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Re: Can I handle ubbers ?

none of them are ideal. i doubt any of them could do the ubers from your description. the best characters to take down the ubers are melee characters loaded up with crushing blow and using a source of life tap.


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Re: Can I handle ubbers ?

Ok then =/ Currently gearing my paladin up then.

Will I need to re-spec away aswell ? Or will a rank 1 smite do.

I was very lucky getting 97 charge lvl 5 blood wand on 1st look, so thats ready.

My set-up in mind is:

Gulliames face.

Maras (Or do I need to mule cats amu or highlords?).

Weapon my current hoto (will it even work ?? heard wizz spike for res).

Treachery runeword for fade and IAS. Is Coh better ? Could mule a coh my MF sorc dosent use alot, whit around 750 def.

Current zaka shield whit UM, guess its fine for res etc.

Draculs (bb 1 hr :<), verdungos (bb 2 ist :<) and gore-riders. And raven and Dwarf star ring. Else inventory whit random charms and low torch.

So 3 things;

1. What weapon if not low hoto ?

2. Coh or treachery runeword for fade, DR,IAS etc.

3. Will I need to re-spec ?

Edit: Current setup adds 194 res, 50 crushing blow. Also if someone could link a build for an up to date smiter for ubber that would be fine. Really dislike all these over used paladin builds, but thats what it takes for me to "complete" diablo :s
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Re: Can I handle ubbers ?

Ok, so now im thinking ill keep treachery in my bag. Proc it inn fire, then bo myself inside ubbers (And then procced into combat) Switch thoes 2 out whit coh (or enigma if I need to tele) and life tap wand.

And then use:

Gullias helm


wizzy (crazy resist and mana:p)

coh (or maybe even use trechery all the time ?)

zaka um.

draculs, raven, verdungos, dwarf star ring, gores. Whit that setup I should be around 240 res (More whit this due to wizzy over low hoto)

Am I making a to big deal out off it, is it possible whit this ? Just dont wanna waste a HR for 3x3 if im just gonna fail again :s


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Re: Can I handle ubbers ?

Use Highlord's Wrath instead of Mara's. A melee paladin doesn't need any +skills and you can get resistances from other sources.

Get a better weapon. Wizardspike adds lots of resists, but even when using smite, you will have to deal decent regular damage, so you leech back enough to survive while lifetap is running... and there might also appear a lot of minions to fight. Maybe Stormlash, it adds crushing blow (and casts static field on a hit). If you are rich, get a Grief phaseblade, the ultimate one-hander (its huge damage bonus is also applied while smiting).

Get a rare dual leech ring instead of Dwarf Star. You won't need the mana leech for smite because it won't work, but you will need it when using zeal. Something like 3% mana leech is enough.

Get a wand with lifetap charges (can be bought in shops). Dracul's has just a small chance to trigger, so it's better to get it started with the wand while Dracul's will keep it up.

If you don't have enough resists, get a few allres grand charms, they offer the most res for their price. Fill up all of your inventory, as there's nothing to pick up in Ãœber Tristram anyway - except the torch, of course. As said, you don't need any +skills, so away with any pcombat skillers or whatever! Use them for a hammerdin or so. If you don't have a paladin torch, use a different torch, so you get their resist while the skills bonuses aren't important (but welcome if you have a pala torch, of course).

If you are short on resources, use a Smoke runeword instead of CoH.
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Re: Can I handle ubbers ?

Like Krischan said, use Highlord's. DS is something you need against those bad guys.. Another nice "cheap" runeword for a weapons is black. Gives 40% CB. If you can't afford Grief, black is ideal weapon. In a flail for best speed.

Dracul's, something else that's really is necessary. Life tap. To get the life, so you don't get killed quickly. So many times i have been mad because i didin't used dracul's.