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Can I get some advice on my wizard?

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by ScionOfStorm, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. ScionOfStorm

    ScionOfStorm IncGamers Member

    Sep 10, 2008
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    Hey there, community! :) I was absent from D3 for months and months and somehow I got the itch to roam through Diablo's minions once more. I did finish Inferno difficulty, but my DPS seems to be not so satisfactory. Here's a link to my wizard:

    Any advice on switching/striving for particular items would be much appreciated. Same applies for different builds, though I've grown accustomed to the Arcane Hydra/Blizzard combo.
  2. Speedster

    Speedster IncGamers Member

    Dec 30, 2003
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    A few quick things I noticed:

    Your weapon could be better -- you might look for an Echoing Fury with int that does higher damage. Slorak's just doesn't roll high enough damage to be an endgame weapon.
    Upgrade those gems for more intelligence. Your 2184 total is pretty low.
    I like Blackthorne's pants but you can and should get them with two sockets to hold two better topazes.
    Zun's boots and Triumvirate will give you a nice boost if you get a 'black damage' weapon -- that is, one whose damage doesn't include poison, lightning, fire, etc.
    Gloves: I wouldn't bother with any that dont have crit chance, crit damage (important) and attack speed.
    Rings: need crit damage on both. I think those are your weakest link at the moment and pretty easy to upgrade.

    My current, although I'm playing a slightly different CM build:

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