Can GoMule and the glidewrapper run on Linux with WINE?


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I inherited a used HP core-i3 PC with 8GB of RAM. I'm going to install Linux on it (probably Linux Mint or Manjaro). I've avoided WINE on Linux thus far, but with D2-LoD being light on resources and hardware requirements, this might be good fit. I'm pretty sure there are guides to get the base game running with WINE. My questions are:
- how the game works with the glidewrapper on WINE
- does GoMule work on WINE

Anyone have experience with setting those up on Linux/WINE? I will be playing off-line single player only.



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Manjaro user here. Gomule doesn't need Wine. Lod was pretty easy to setup with Wine I think. Have not figured out how to get a working desktop shortcut to start RWM with so starting from bash. Not really sure about glidewrapper. Game runs and I have been happy with that. :)


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Neat, Linux users! Personally I run a very custom Debian at home on all of our systems and am pretty nerdy about it. I have not run Diablo II via WINE, however. I run my install within a Windows XP virtual machine (VirtualBox) for some nostalgic purposes, which works well for me.

I do know that via WINE, Diablo II has a "platinum" compatability rating over at

If you have any issues getting it to work, perhaps installing the "staging" version of WINE would work better than "stable" and using the install configurations via Lutris is the best option. There are several install options, but they do have the 1.14d version via the official installer.

As far as getting RWM and Glide switches to work when launching the game, you may need to add these options to the Diablo II .desktop file located deep in .local in your home directory. Add the options you want (-3dfx, -direct, -txt etc.) to the very end of the line that starts with "exec=". Save and exit.

Good luck!


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Everything I've tried (glidewrapper, mods, etc...) works without any tweaks with an up-to-date wine version for me. GoMule runs natively, and it's been a while but I don't remember having any issues with running ATMA is wine, either.