can eldrich drop tals armour ammy?


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Normal Mephisto can drop Tal's Ammy. Eldritch can drop it by some margin.

Not sure if you are asking about the armour also, but yes, Hell Eldritch can also (just) drop that, but he isn't very likely to.


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Eldritch the Rectifier (Hell)
Chance: 0.0005062% (1:197567)
with 0% MF
The best monster to get tals armour is baal with
Baal 0.0533374% 1:1875

If you want tals ammy, try killing andy in hell, she has the best chance other then dury(good luck finding him though) with
Andariel (Hell) 0.0118948% 1:8407
also if you are doing eldritch he has
Chance: 0.0009909% (1:100918)

all this is with 0% MF


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I've never found tal's ammy off a monster. Dropped out out of a chest near meph and gambled one tho.


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You may find NM Travincial the best place to drop Tals Ammy because of mulitple monsters and quick cycle rate.


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myolosolo said:
While this is still about the best online calculator available, it is not correct, especially for SuperUnique monsters. It has their mlvls wrong, which means it is in danger of getting whether a monster can drop a particular item wrong. For example, it thinks Pindleskin can drop Tyrael's might, which he can't.

It is a reasonably good source for "best chance" though, provided you use it with caution and check that the monster they say has the "best chance", can actually drop what you are looking for.


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So far, i got my tal ammy for andy. i think she's much better choice for me since i able to get 2x tal orbs, 2x tal mask and amulet while doing some meph runs.