Can anyone assist me with my ranged Enchantress/Energy Shield Sorceress build please?


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Can anyone assist me with my ranged Enchantress/Energy Shield Sorceress build please?

COH Archon
Arachnid's Mesh
Andariel's Visage
War Travelers

Fire Tree:
20 Enchant
20 Warmth
20 Fire Mastery
2 Pre Requisites

Lightning Tree:
20 Telekinesis
15 Energy Shield
1 Teleport
2 Pre Requisites

Statistic Points (Tentative):
Strength: 95
Dexterity: 180
Vitality: 220
Energy: 50

I have yet to decide which bow I will use. I am currently searching for a 220% ED Riphook to upgrade. Widowmaker is also a possibility. A Hands Of Justice shadow bow is also possible sometime in the future which is why I will require that much dexterity. I considered the Demon Machine but I prefer a bow as opposed to a crossbow.
My final choice of bow for the endgame will also determine which amulet I will wear. My choices I am considering are Highlords and Maras. Increased attack speed breakpoints will be the main factor in determining my amulet.

My weapon switch will be a staff for prebuffing Energy Shield and Enchant.

My questions are all concerning the same general topic: Energy Shield

Forgive me if this has been covered here before but I have read every guide I could find, on this site and others, searching for the answers to these questions.

1. Will fifty in energy and the increased maximum mana (55%) given by my gear choices and a level 32 Warmth be enough to offset the drain of Energy Shield?

2. Do I need more than fifty in energy? I was considering a Doom polearm for my Act 2 mercenary. I could equip him with the rune word Insight to offset the mana absorption of Energy Shield. I would prefer not to use Insight.

3. Taking into account the increased maximum mana provided by my gear (55%) and a level 32 Warmth what would be the best possible point distribution between energy and vitality?

I hope my questions are clear. I sincerely appreciate any assistance. Thank you.



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I think you need more in energy for that strong an ES...probably somewhere around 100, from experience. Looks like too much dexterity to me...pick a bow, use exactly enough dex, and stick with that. Skills look just right. I'm not certain what the best weapon for you would be, but I thought I'd mention that I have a perfect Riphook on W/L/SC that I could probably let you have if you needed it.


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I like the WWS bow. I just don't like it for this sorceress. I do agree with you in that the build could be very effective with one.

Thanks for the suggestions and the offer on the Riphook. It is exactly what I am looking for on US East/Softcore/Ladder.


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Griffin: Just like the amazon, more dexterity increases bow damage.

Lloyd: My personal favorite is the Demon Machine crossbow. Very fast, adds a lot of defense, piercing attacks, fires exploding bolts and more. I highly recommend you get one. The first ranged enchantress I ever made could do a minimum damage of 2000 at level 75.



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Celious said:
waste of time really..
The bow equ. of the Demon Machine is the Kuko. It has the same qualities as DM, piercing and explosive bolts which is what maximises your fire damage.

"Harmony" could be a good choice too. Good fire damage among others and mana regen/mana per kill.

"Pheonix" helps keeps your mana bulb full with redemption.

I think you have more than enough energy being that as a ranged char, you don't need to tank every hit.

Go with an infinity polearm if you can instead of insight. The conviction helps against immunes, kills non-immunes faster and even improves your ar so you can leech better.