can a titan's be socketed?


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can a titan's be socketed?

I think I've seen people say they've um'd (or socketed with something else) their Titan's, but when I try to socket it in act5 it won't let me. Do you get it socketed by using the cube? And if so, what's the ingredients? thanks!


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The only thing u can do with titans is UPPING the wep like other gear.... no type of JAV can ever be socketed


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The term you are seeing and mistaking for Um'ed is Upped. Its done in the cube.

If you place your Titans Revenge Ceremonial Jav's (Exceptional) in the cube with 1 Lum rune, 1 Pul rune, 1 Perfect Emerald and press transmute you will end up with Titans Revenge Matriarchal Jav's (or the Elite version of the base item)

Basicly it gives you a bit more physical damage for better leech, and increases their requirments.

The above recipie works for any Exceptional Unique and will turn the base item into its Elite version while leaving the Uniques stats alone.

Sorry if I told you stuff you already knew.