Can a orb sorc beat all character builds?


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Can a orb sorc beat all character builds?

I wanted to know this for starting one?

I was thinking of this gear:

NW 20/-5
DF 35/-5 (CTA/9 ES memory staff)
Vipermagi, Ormus 3 energy shield (prebuff)
Sanctuary Tower Shield (Lidless)
2 x SoJ
10 Cold Skillers


1 prereqs + TS, Warmth, LM
20 ice bolt
20 FO
10+ CM
20 Telekenesis
20 energy shield

I was thinking about getting 2k+ mana, 600 life (after Bo), and max block.
And 1.2k orb dmg

Can this beat all chars in pvp? Thanks in advance


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You should max orb and cold mastery 1st, then work on ice bolt. MUCH more effective, without max cm, your orb can be too easily resisted


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anyone can tank as many orbs as they want with stacked resists and absorb.

so to answer your question: no, you wont be able to beat all chars in pvp


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orb sorcs is quite easy to beat acualy, as long as you're skilled, the main flaw of orb is that its slow, compared to fireballs and such, its the easiest sorcs skill to absorb imo, 2 ravens and a snowclash does it. you dont even need much stacked res.


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I play FO/ES sorc nl and ladder west for a while now,

even without players resist/absorb stack i still find difficulty beating windy druids or good trappers. (especially if windy's use AA, god i hate that!)

IMO the most important thing to learn when playing FO/ES sorc is to predict where ur opponent gonna be in the next second. I rarely aim my orb at the opponent becoz that usually miss due to the slow speed of orb.


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ashtonkutcher said:
anything with 3k+ life wil be hard
If you want a more "well-rounded" class for PvP... then I recommend Bonemancer or Hammerdin. They're magic damage casters, which is hard to resist (in same sense as FOrb, I know it can be reduced by set numbers), and can virtually beat any class through precise micromanagement in duels.

Only problem is that they're expensive and initially hard to level.

The Bonemancer will be "done" at ~80s with the Marrowwalk Bug (Look it up elsewhere), Clay Golem + Summon Resist + Golem Mastery (Golems confuse TStorm, hirelings/summons, and slow other players like crazy), and Decrep + Lower Resist. These guys can't PvM for [email protected]#$ without support... but they can kill "bosses" easily. Also they expensive... very expensive... Enigma, Harlequin Crest, and HotO/WSpike/Perfect White/Leoric's Arm are almost mandatory. Expect ~5k dmg BSpirits though, once you find all the GCs.

The Hammerdin is very hard to start up, but in the end, after level 60 or so, it will rock PvM and PvP; often being able to solo Baal Runs. Only complication is that you have to get used to the hammer pattern. They fly in SPIRALS starting from where you face, so it's a nightmare to PvP with sometimes; often, for people, Hammerdin is either easiest or hardest win.

Other classes have trouble managing all the teleporting that these two classes have; they just teleport, spam attacks, and kill. Sorc can do it too, but resists really mess it up; same for Zon; Barbs sometimes can't keep up; Zeal/Charge-Dins probably will never get a chance to hit these guys; Trapsins have resist problems as well, kick/ma-sins have a chance if they can keep up; and etc.

Really, it isn't the class that matters, it's how you play them. Any class can beat any class. But no one can beat everyone without planning and micro.