Campaign Slogans

Pierrot le Fou

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Campaign Slogans

In honour of the election year, we the loyal residents of
[ ] America
[ ] Other

Proudly swear to create
[ ] Witty
[ ] Not-so-witty
[ ] Dull
[ ] Could make a coke addict narcoleptic
[ ] Durf-caliber

Campaign slogans for the major (and not so major) candidates.

For instance:
"Bush '04: Less jobs, more free time to surf for porn"
"Bush/Cheney: Five out of nine Supreme Court Justices agree"
"Bush/Escobar: The only thing better than four more years of Bush, is four more years of Bush on coke"
"Kerry '04: I got married to a Heinz and all I got was this stupid t-shirt and a Senate seat"
"Kerry '04: Because our special interests are better"
"Nader 2004: Unsafe in any election"
"Nader 2004: Using the capitalist model to destroy the capitalist model"


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"Vote Democrat! Or Republican! It doesn't matter! The E-voting machines will give the White House to the person WE choose!" --E-voting Machine Manufacturers of America

Vote Bush/Cheney 2004. But before you do, give us a little time so we can make sure Cheney's still around somewhere.

Pierrot le Fou

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"Bush '04: Political humourists don't want to get screwed by the recession too."
"Mickey Mouse '04: He's had more 'mouseketeers' than the Catholic Church!"


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See my sig below for the ultimate campaign slogan (keep in mind I don't really support the Bush/Cheney ticket :)) |
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Kerry/Edwards - So busy fighting with each other they'll have no time to screw the taxpayer.


Bush '04... By now at least you're used to getting screwed by him.

Bush '04... Because if you're going to have your freedoms trampled and revoked, you deserve to have it done by someone who really, really loves America.


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Bush/Cheney: "Shooting yourself in the foot never felt so good...or religious!"


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kerry/fonda '04: Making BOTH Sides Happy

Edwards/clinton '04 Soccer Moms think i'm cute!

Dean/Nader '04 A Vote for me will P1ss off the Clintons!

Bush/Cheney: Deep down, you love my accent

AH-nold/T3000 I will terminate the constitution!

Clinton/cClark I will b**** at terrorists!

Stevinator/His friend Greer: hmmm....cut it!

Durf/peir: you're going to blame it on me anyway...

nnndave/HH: Heil nnndave!

Anyee/Maccool: do we really need the white and blue?

justin timberlake/the other one with the spikey hair: Syria? bye bye bye!

Nuts, i had a bunch more, buti got up to grab some grub and now i have forgotten the rest of them...

no one take offense to thiese...they are all just teasing...i even poked a little fun at myself...yeah it was weak...but it's hard to make fun of someone so great...


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sweet formatting, Smeg

George Bush for President!

- paid for by your children's Social Security coverage