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Campaign Mode Revival

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Ruined, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Feb 27, 2017
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    "Endgame Campaign Mode" has been rather a popular suggestion in order to revive D3 campaign and make it more interesting. Give your vote at official forums according to your point of view:

    Now that only challenge is in the grifts, could we have an endgame campaign mode, where we could play the campaign from the beginning with our endgame characters. The rewards would be granted after each act but Act IV stash tab is granted once per player. The act V reward is granted according to a gr based difficulty level.

    Act I: Cydaea's Gift: one additional affix on a chosen item (becomes character bound)
    Act II: Urshi's Gift :: Player may update one legendary gem instantly to the same level he/she is playing the campaign through.
    Act III: A realm opens once to a furious Rift Guardian rift granting hellfire materials.
    Act IV: Additional stash tab (one per player) + 1 random Ancient/Primal item?
    Act V:
    Difficulty of GR50: 50 of each bounty material
    Difficulty of GR60: 75 of each bounty material
    Difficulty of GR70: 100 of each bounty material
    Difficulty of GR80: 125 of each bounty material
    Difficulty of GR90: 150 of each bounty material
    Difficulty of GR100: 175 of each bounty material

    Rewards can be adjusted, of course. Now there would be a way to get stash tab in non seasonal too.

    Note that unlike in gr, now you can deal with the gr70 difficulty level with your gr67 character as there is no timer. Death's breaths would drop along the way and player could change between game modes when desired. Wild idea: double the bounty materials gained if died only 1, 2 or 3 times during the campaign.

    Once you've defeated Malthael in the normal campaign or in the adventure mode at T6 level, the endgame campaign mode becomes available at your campaign mode slot.


    What do you think?

    EDIT:Update: ACT 1 reward is granted every time the campaign is played through but player can wear only one item at a time that's imbued with a Gift. The item becomes purple colored Unique Legendary when Cydaea's Gift is used to it. If another Gift is used to the same item, a new affix will replace the old one.
    Why? To avoid too harsh RNG with the Gift that makes people to do delete characters to get better RNG luck with it. Player can't have new Act 1 reward before the last, Act V reward, is granted.

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