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Discussion in 'Diablo 3 Beta Forum' started by ZERonl, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. ZERonl

    ZERonl IncGamers Member

    Jun 9, 2011
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    Callouts/Achievements (spoiler}

    New_Record New Record!
    Massacre Massacre Massacre Kill X monster
    Massacre_Goal {S1} Monsters killed!
    Destruction Destruction Destruction to destroy X number of objects
    Destruction_Goal Destroyed {S1} Objects!
    MightyBlow Mighty Blow hit a powerful attack to kill X (a monster?)
    MightyBlow_Goal {S1} killed with one blow!
    Pulverized Pulverized smash in the underground city to kill X monster
    Pulverized_Goal {S1} Monsters killed by the Dungeon!
    Savior Savior Savior to survive the death of X
    {S1} Savior_Goal Saved from death!
    Survival Survival Survival blood as low as X and survival
    Survival_Goal Down to {S1} health and survived!
    Dodge Dodge! Dodge
    Dodged Dodged!
    Block Block! Block
    Parry Parry! this is dodge. .
    Root Rooted! Freeze
    Stun Stunned! dizziness
    Absorb Absorbed absorbed
    XPAwarded + {s1} XP Bonus experience gain X experience plus
    BrokeRoot Broke Root! break the freeze
    BrokeFear Broke Fear! break the fear
    BrokeStun Broke Stun! break dizziness
    BrokeSnare Broke Snare! break the limit results
    Immune Immune! immune
    Fear Feared! by fear
    FirstBlood First Blood Rambo
    FirstBlood_Goal to dominate and destroy the enemy all the
    Domination Domination
    Domination_Goal Killed entire enemy Team!
    SoleSurvivor Sole Survivor! only surviving the last living player
    SoulSurvivor_Goal Last Player Standing!
    Avenger Avenger Avenger for teammates revenge
    Avenger_Goal Avenged an Ally!
    Frozen Frozen! frozen
    Charm Charmed charm
    Snare Snared restrict movement
    AttackSpeedSlow Attack Slowed IAS reduce
    BrokeBlind Broke Blind! break the blinding
    BrokeFreeze Broke Freeze! break the ice
    Blind Blinded! blinding
    KillStreak3 Kill Streak x3 Liansha 3 a rounds to kill three players he did not die
    KillStreak5 Kill Streak x5 Liansha 5 killed five people a player he did not die
    KillStreak7 Kill Streak x7 Liansha 7 killed seven people a player he did not die
    even KillStreak10 Kill Streak x10 to kill 10 people a kill 10 players he did not die
    KillStreak3_Goal Kill 3 players in a row without Dying
    KillStreak5_Goal Kill 5 players in a row without Dying
    KillStreak7_Goal Kill 7 players in a row without Dying
    KillStreak10_Goal Kill 10 players in a row without Dying
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2011
  2. TheDestructor

    TheDestructor IncGamers Member

    Aug 17, 2011
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    Re: Callouts/Achievements

    lol, disregard my spoiler comment, it's 3 AM here, and I'm loopy. Though I appreciate the concern. :p
  3. Frantic

    Frantic IncGamers Member

    Jul 29, 2011
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    Re: Callouts/Achievements

    Thanks for putting a spoiler on it :)

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