Calling all MF Hammerdins...


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Calling all MF Hammerdins...

I've been reading quite a bit lately about all the success people are having with their MF Hammerdins. How most think the build is one of, if not the best build for hunting down in the Pit. I know the standard build and synergies that go with the build, thanks to Rag's Guide. But I was wondering what you guys and ladies use for equipment and type of mercs for your MFing needs. So if any of you are kind enough or have the time to list the stuff, it would be greatly appreciated...

Just trying to get ideas...


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my hammerdin uses the following equipment:
Harlequin Crest (Ptopaz)
Skullder's Ire (Ptopaz)
Maras Kaleidoscope
Herald of Zakarum (Rhyme runeword on switch)
'IstIst Blade of Ali Baba - for pit runs (I use a Wizardspike for Baal runs)
War Traveler
Stone of Jordan and Nagelring
Upgraded Goldwrap

my inventory is full of resist all charms and MF charms, giving me 65-75 resist all (depends on if i use Wiz or Blade) and ~550 MF. i'm using a defiance merc, but holy freeze would probably be better he's wearing a Reaper's Toll, Skullder's (Ptopaz), and Stealskull (Ptopaz) for around 700% MF if he gets the kill. if i could change my setup, i would switch the Wizarspike for a Heart of the Oak Flail, and the Skullder's for an Enigma Wirefleece or Archon Plate... those are pricy items though. hope that helps!


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I tried posting this before, but the server went down for me <g>

Harlequin Crest with a Ptopaz
Heart of the oak/sanctuary OR ist/ist ali bab's and socket pally shield with 110 resists
rare amulet with +1 pally skill and 25% mf
chance guards
ravenfrost ring
nagel ring
rare boots with 17% mf (sucks, but still looking for better)
upgraded goldwrap (for the extra potions)
gheeds charm with 29% mf
and some small MF charms

total is somewhere around 500..I can get some more from my rhyme shield, but then my resists drop off

As for a merc, I don't use one and have never had a problem with it, even running players 8.


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So do you guys think it would be best to max blessed aim or have a 2nd skill?

because my "hammerdin" is now just level 8 and i want to make him right :)


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Definitely max the synergies. BH is very powerful, and there is only one monster who is immune to the hammers (and you could, very easily, go through the entire game without running into him). So, you don't really need a "2nd" skill.



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absolutely max blessed aim. you wont need any secondary skills because only one type of monster (the yeti type creatures in act 3) are immune to your hammers. also, with max BA, you will do TONS of damage. hammers are all you need.

edit: arrrrrgh! blast you Z_O! i'm not changing my post though. :xgrin:
My Hammerdin Mr_Ploppy is currently at lvl 92

PTopazed Harley
Enigma Archon Plate
Chance Guardes
Gold Wrap
War Traveller
Herald of Zakarum
Heart of the Oak Flail (thanks to Borlag)
One mara's Ammy one soj and one Bul-Cathos
And alots of MF charms.

I go for a full Hammerdin no second skill for me. The only trouble is the wailing Beasts which you may face in late act 3. But the merc take care of those.



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IntoTheSky said:
thats 80 skill points blessed aim vigor concentration which are the MOST important to max first :)
put points in BA until you get BH at lvl 18, then max BH as soon as you can. after that, alternate points between concentrate and either of the synergies - it doesn't matter which synergy you do first because its not like you ever actually use either of them... OK, vigor is kinda useful to get somewhere fast, but you ge the idea.


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PTopaz Harley
10%fast cast, +3 offensive auras magic amulet
Wizardspike (switch: Wizardspike)
PTopaz Skullders
27% Nagel
10% fast cast, prismatic rare ring
40% Chance Guards
43% War Travelers
Upgraded Goldwrap
33% Gheeds Fortune
+25% resist Rhyme Crown Shield (Switch: PDiamond HoZ)
Lots of resist + MF charms
+1 Combat skills, +25 life GC

2x Amn Tomb Reaver
Harlequin Crest

If I find another Skullders, I'm giving it to my merc. Barring that, I might make him a Wealth armor from an ethereal elite armor. My MF setup has max resists in Hell and 73% CTB with Holy Shield. Most of my stat points go into VIT. I dumped 95 points in STR for WT, base ENE and min DEX to get 75% CTB with HoZ.



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My hammerdin equipment is this. (the mf gear)

gull dagger
Herald of Zakuram(um)
Ptopaz Harlequin crest
Ptopaz Skullders Ire
38 chance guards
upgraded goldwrap
war travellers
1 SOJ and 1 27 nagel
1 35 mf ammy
Naj staff on switch

Inventory with all kinds of resist and mf charms and a 39mf gheeds. Enigma would be great but i use it for my fishymancer unless i get sick of my fishy.


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My lvl92 hammerdin has this:
Heart of the Oak / Viridia's Gull as a switch
Harlequin's Crest with perfect topaz
Herald of Zakarum with Um / Another Um'd HoZ as a switch
Arachnid Mesh
Chance Guards
The Stone of Jordan
Bul Katho's Wedding Band
War Traveler
Rare amulet with: 46 life, +2 min dmg, CR35%, PR29%, 1-2 cold dmg over 5 sec, and +2 paladin skills
3 offensive aura skill charms, with additional bonus 6 dex and 22 life
Gheed's charm
1 lightning resist small charm
a bunch of 7% MF small charms

His merc uses:
The Reaper's Toll
Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

Yea I know, not really MF oriented gear but it works, I know I can get alot more MF on them if I want but this way I can do it all on players 8 without ever slowing down for nothing. Listed dmg 12k-12k and yes, max everything :)


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I just use my orbtress to run the ancient tunnels. No cold immunes ever, rarely spawns with ranged attackers... just perfect! Actually, i think it would be great for hammerdins to run there too, as ranged attackers could be a problem when you are wearing MF gear. the only ranged attackers in ancient tunnels are the skellie mages that throw lightning around =D.

I'm now a ancient tunnel convert =D. No more pit runs for me.


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I prefer RoF and CS for a hammerdin, alot of open area, increased rune drops, 4 super uniques plus Diablo, what more could you ask?


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My hammerdin has these:

Harlequin Crest (Ptopaz)
Mara's Kaleidoscope
Heart of the Oak flail
Skullders Ire (Ptopaz)
Arachnid Mesh
War Traveler (47%)
2x Negel (28% and 29%)

LOTS of mf sc's+Gheed's

My merc has:

Crown of Thieves
Tal's Guardianship
Tomb Reaver (AmnAmnShael)

I have 478% MF and 628% when merc gets the kill. My BH damage is about 9k so I can kill very effectively on /players 8


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Mine is using(for the Pit only):

2x Nagel (30,29)
Skullder's (Ptopaz)
Shako (Ptopaz)
Hoz (Pdiamond)
HotO Flail
Wartravs (46)
Gheeds (40!!!)
many mfsc's

..resulting in ~525% MF


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u guys got me.... wheni getmy compu back the first thing i will do is make a hammerdin :teeth:
with all those nice gear, high % mf and absurd damage listings, yummie :lol:



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I don't have a high level character yet (working on a Hammerdin who's almost finished normal) so I do not have any of the high end gear. Where do people suggest I try to MF with little/no MF (less than 100%) to try and start building up? I used to do NM Meph back on 1.09 on B.Net, is he still a good option?


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yup, NM meph is ok for starters, might I suggest NM Andy aswel? She has a real good chance of dropping rings and amulets, including SoJs, which are the best options for a hammerdin (if you don't count BK ring with +2...)


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Borlag, do you run the RoF and CS on players 8? Cause I have tried it a few times and found it to be very slow going - especially compared to the Pit. How long does it take you to do a full run? Oh yeah, and can Diablo drop all items since he is in a lvl 85 area? Thanks!