Calling all laptop parts suppliers

Calling all laptop parts suppliers

Now I've really done it. I need to replace a fan on a Vaio PCG-K35. I've got it all apart, and located the culprit, and now need to find a replacement. The problem is, I can only find the whole assembly, not just the fan. This assembly (Number 101 image here) is part number A-1086-462-A. The fan that I need is the one that is circled. The fan has this helpful info on it, none of which comes up in google:

Made in Japan
DC5V 0.28A
There was one on eBay, but someone bought it. I could just buy a new cooling unit, but at $160 it's a last resort option. Some other helpful info: Not my laptop, no warranty.
Thanks, I'll bookmark that link. I'm actually searching through the Mouser catalog now. Some more details on the fan, with a picture sometime later. I believe it's called a bracket fan. I don't have a metric ruler to give the exact dimensions, so I'll have to guess until I get one and the fan in my hand. It's round, with three mounting tabs. There is only one side with a frame on it, and the other side is exposed. Once I get the exact dimensions, I think I might be able to find one from one of the major parts suppliers.

Maybe it's a bracket/blower fan? It sucks in air from the side and pushes it down, but it doesn't have a shroud on it.

It looks pretty close to this


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anyone find this fan?

so... i have a sony laptop with the same fan that needs replacement. i'm not about to spend $100+ or even $80+ for a stupid $1 fan.

anyway. if anyone has found this fan, please let me know where you got it. i need one!!!

You'll need to buy the whole unit. I got a used one on eBay for $35 shipped. I'll see if I can find the guy who I bought it from. It was an off eBay deal, so I might not be able to find him again.


This wasn't too clear, so I'll fix it. I had to buy the whole heat sink assembly, and I just swapped the broken fan for the good one. Be very careful pulling the heat sink off. Even though there are only three screws holding it down, a cement is used to glue the processor to the heat sink. If it doesn't come loose with a little side to side twisting, pull straight up with a steady pressure very slowly.

Once the assembly is out, I put Goo Gone around the edges of the processor, and let it soak for about 10 minutes. After that I slid a razor under a corner and popped the CPU up.

This is the guy I bought it from: Click

Ask the seller a question, and ask if he has the cooling assembly for your laptop (if it's the same model, it's part number A-1086-462-A JE5 COOLING UNIT (S))

Let me know if you need help with the disassembly of the laptop.


Far as I can remember, a lot of Vaio parts are custom-made for Sony because they need to be so small and all that. Often, you can only get them through Sony.