Calling all Druids!


Calling all Druids!

I am playing on useast ladder. I know this should go under the player matchup forum but not many ppl look there. I'd like to get with other melee or ele druids for serious gaming.. Mostly pvm but i have one of the most badass fury druids you'll see on east. So i can throw down too. Who -ever is interested in looking me up, msg me at stardruid on useast. thanks guys. i look forward to gettin more druids together.


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*chikkenball777 @ USEAST

I'm just starting out, though, and I only have a beginning stage level 18 FC Bear.

Usually only play on weekends, but sometimes I can squeeze 45 minutes or an hour on monday-friday.


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I currently have an ele and a fury (which I kinda havent used in a bit) look me up. =P



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*tits_druids2 or *majin_mules (afk mule acct)

Eastern Druids Unite. For to long has the Realm of USEast SCL been over run with the foulness of Smite and Zeal. I say we Form, Organize and OBLITERATE !!!! Or just help each other do some quests and lick ourselves, w/e :smile:



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Heh heh...Looks like I joined the wrong realm! All my friends where I live play on USWEST ladder...

Since my Druid is only level 18, I'm probably going to delete the poor bear and switch from USEAST...makes me sad...