Call to Arms

Any low req 5 socket one hand weapon is fine. A lot of people use flails, or double axes. I am planning to use a crystal sword, just cause I think they are sexy. The lower req the weapon, the more it is worth. All the people that made CTA in 2 hand weapons are so sad. :D


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Knightmare said:
So people don't use CTA to attack melee?
I suppose you could with the maximum of 290ED and 40ias, it's melee function is the same as a cruel of quickness. And if you wanted a real melee weapon, there are so many other options that don't require much higher runes. I see CTA being used as a weapon switch for warcrying - not necessarily on barbs either - as they have a cap of +3 to each of the skills found on it.
Call to arms is primarily used just for the Warcrys on it. It is nice to have as a weapon switch for any character.... dont need a barb around for BO anymore. :D
As shadow said, there are many better options for melee weapons.


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I use a Dimentional Blade, an Ettin Axe, and a Double Axe. All of these work fine because of their relatively low requirements.