Call to Arms, need advice plz! :)

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Call to Arms, need advice plz! :)

Hi everybody, im new here :p im from Argentina :D

Well.. i just finded a IST the last day.. im ready for my CTA :D

But, i need some help, just wondering, what weapon should i use?
I have a Liberator pally.. and want some extra life, u know, BO before battle and then switch to my cruel berserker =)

I just have a Flail 4 socks, the same some guys use to make Heart of Oak.. is it ok? or keep searching some ubber weapon, like a superior phase blade 4 socks?

Thx !

(Yeah , i know.. my english sux)


Call to Arms require a five socket weapon, and if u are not planning to fight with it, just do it on a low requirement weapon.

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it only requires a weapon with 4 (four) socks.. because the runeword is


EDIT: ****ing runeword wizzard :rant: :rant:

Close this plz =(


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A Phase Blade or a Scourge would be good choices. Phase blade with weapon speed
-30 is best of course. You need 145 dex and 106 str in this case. Scourge demands ** str, 122 dex and has weapon speed -10.
This runeword gives +200-240% Enhanced Damage and needs awesome runes so I wouldn´t ignore weapons base damage. It would be a shame to use these runes for something less than elite weapon.

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yeah, i know.. 5 socket weapon.. that stupid prog calle "runeword wizzard" is wrong. :rant:

I have one little question:

What level BO have this runeword?

I think it varies, but i have readed in this forum, a level 18 BO? is it posible?
Can someone explain me how it varies? The runeword descripcion says something like "2-6 BO (it varies)"

in that case, it sux :S :scratch:


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It varies from 1 to 6 but it's not that bad because the skills are boosted with +skill items such as Shako, Annihilus, etc... You need + to all skills and not + to Paladin skills... In this case you can easily get a level 16 BO or something...