Call To Arms - Best Weapon ?


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Call To Arms - Best Weapon ?

I am thinking of making a Call To Arms runeword, but I'm not sure what the best weapon to make it with is. Here are the choices:

5 socket Colossus Blade

5 socket Berserker Axe

Or is there another weapon that is better to CTA ???



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I'd have to go with zerker axe or scourge, with the zerker axe as my top choice. The problem with CB is that unless you are a barb, it's a 2-hander, denying you use of shield.

Those are just my tops, others know other things.

And just so ya know, the guys in stats or general strat would probably have a better say on this.
Best weapon to make CTA in is a Double Axe, hands down. Very low STR req so any character can use it. It's a 1 hander, and you can find a few just killing stuff in Act 1 hell. I have a few laying around if you need.



Beserker axe would be best no matter what :). If your using it to melee then go for it. If using it on caster, I'd use something like a crystal sword or military pick (not melee).