calculate my dmg please


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calculate my dmg please

Hi, i was wondering if somebody would be willing to calculate my damage please as i dont know all the maths stuff.

Heres what ive got

berserker axe (24 to 71 dmg)
330% ed from weapon
200% ed from might
373% ed from fanatacism
240% ed from zeal (synergised by sacrifice)
330% ed from concentration (merc wearing pride)

so then, would anyone like to tell me my zeal damage? I dont know if this is correct but this is what i got.



so....156.75 + 313.5 + 587.91 + 376.2 + 517.28 = 1951.64 average damage.

This seems incredibley low so im guessing that ive done something wrong here. But if i calculate the maximum damage like i did then, it goes like this.


so.....234.3 + 773.19 + 874 + 562.32 + 773.19 = 3216.68 maximum damage

This still seems really damn low, so am i calculating this wrong or something?

And i was also wondering if someone could tell me what breakpoint i would hit if i used:-

laying of hands (20% ias)
andies visage (15% ias?)
highlords wrath (20% ias)
berserker axe
nosfuratus coil (10% ias)
fanatacism (35% ias)
that makes 100% total ias

I need to know how much more ias i would need or how much of that i dont need to hit the last ias breakpoint for the fastest atk speed with zeal.

Thanks for your help in advance and erm....thanks for reading :D


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Your calculations are wrong:( but you almost got it right:)

the 330% enhanced damage from your weapon is added before all outside sources of enhanced damage...

So your 24-71 Berserker Axe becomes a...

103-305 Berserker Axe....The you can add all the outside enhanced damage...



I'm not sure why the +1 is added but it is so...
So your damage would be 1292-3803 (2547 average damage)

First of you need to calculate your weapons base damage

base item type damage * enhanced damage on weapon itself + enhanced damage from jewels/Ohm rune...or alternatively look at your character screen much easier.

Then you apply outside sources of enhanced damage skills, gear, auras, etc,

(Base weapon damage +1) * (enhanced damage/100+1)


As for breakpoints go look in the Paladin forum, they should have some Zeal tables...As far as I can tell you're going to make the last breakpoint. The IAS from fanatiscism is different (and better:)) from the IAS on your gear.


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Here is the formula:

{ [ (1 + off-weaponED/100) * Base damage ] + min/max damage }* ( 1 + off-weaponED/100 )

You have to count strength as off-weapon ED as well. The Strength required for Berserker Axe is 138.

[(1 + 330/100) * Base Damage] * [ 1 + (200 + 373 + 240 + 330 + 138)/100]

This will give you a range of 1425 to 4216 damage, before any Deadly Strike modifiers.
Yes of course it does or Levithan wouldn't be nearly as good.

The error that the poster did wasn't that he forgot base damage, he forgot that 24-71 * 303% or how much it now was is 24-71 *4,03, and not 24-71* 3,03 and then he also forgot the +1 in the last calculating ;)

The reason for the +1 is pretty simple, it is because it says Enhanced damage, so it is an increase, and what you have to start with is 100% and therefore you have to take your own damage with to the increasement if you can say so :p e.g. 50 damage weapon with 100% ED = 50 * (1+100/100) = 50 * 2 = 100 ^^