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Caitlyn Gets Wrecked

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Hey there guys and girls!

Been lurking here for many years and figured I'd finally make an account and settle in. Installing d2 again now as it seems that no matter how many other games I try to play, I always come back to this one. I love it. Going to play SC, might try an untwinked 99er, and slowly work on a self found grail.

I'll see all of you around :)


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Cool. Welcome !!!

And yes, just join the untwinked 99er journey. It's too much fun not to ...


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Shins kicked and wallet stolen!

Oi! Leave some welcoming abuse for the rest of us.

*swipes pants*

Welcome! Definitely join the untwinked 99er tournament, it’s a lot of fun. More people on the forum are starting to MF with less cookie-cutter builds, so consider that too, to keep it interesting. We all come back to D2 :p

Caitlyn Gets Wrecked

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Thanks very much all you lovely people! Kicked off the journey with my beautiful sorceress, Jora. When I start making some decent progress I'll add her to the 99er thread :)


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Welcome! I only joined a few months ago but it's been a great experience. I too lurked for a long time before finally joining and it has been well worth it. Even something as simple getting a few 'likes' in the IFT when I find something as trivial as Homunculous is a nice feeling. I mentioned how long that item had eluded me, and as everyone who plays D2 knows that feeling, people understood my excitement. It's hard to find that sense of appreciation for this game's RNG madness elsewhere.