C/C trapper, skills help


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C/C trapper, skills help

ok im making a c/c trapper, i have all my gear and necessary bps

but what to do with skills
i know to max:
bolt sentry
light sent
death sent

but, what else?

get shadow master to 17? or no
max fade? or no
get claw block to 60%? or no

or ne other suggestions?

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Is this PvM? This is how I build a PVM sentry/fireblast trapper.

fireblast 20 (This is your lightning immune killer)
web 18 only
bolt sentry 20
light sent 20
death sent 1+ (everything after the above and one point wonders)

1 point wonders:
Claw Mastery
Psychic Hammer
Burst of Speed
Weapon Block
Cloak of Shadows (this is great!)
Shadow Warrior
Mind Blast (this is great!)
Shadow Master (one point with moderate skills (mostly shoped) gets the job done)

For an excellent guide on building and playing a trapper by jrichard see:


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For PvP, I suggest putting points in Claw Block until you get a level that you feel comfortable with. If you have good + skills, there is no reason not to get 60% block (assuming that you use serious gear, 2/3/2s etc.). After that put the points in Mind Blast.