BvC Stat Points


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BvC Stat Points

Hey, I haven't made a BvC for a while and I know there a few different stat builds. The one I've been thinking the most is this.

20 axe mastery
20 Whirlwind
20 Bo
20 Leap
1 Stamina
1-5 speed
1 Bc
1 Iron skin
1-5 Natural Resistances
1 Bezerk
All the rest - Shout

If anyone has any other thoughts, please tell me, all advice is welcome. Thanks.

Eilo Rytyj

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Barbarian versus Caster.

It's a PvP Barbarian who is designed to take down caster characters. A high level Leap is used for a large radius knockback to place opponents into hit recovery, and Enigma is used to teleport in for a quick Whirlwind dispatch.


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:rolleyes: ooo koo...thx lol. Would you say they are a top build for pvp? What are their challenges and how well do they really do? :rolleyes:


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Probably the best (in my opinion) pvp char. But to build and gear a good one, this late in the season is expensive.

Ce Olba

However Widowing a BvB is damn boring. I've done that once (killed a ghetto BvB with pure Widowing), and ever since I've not done it again. It just takes too much time to be worth all the wasted arrows.

Plus BvBs are not of any concern unless you look for bragging rights since 98.9% of them play in specific BvB games only, because in the end, BvBs are trash versus anything but barbarians.