BvC is this viable


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BvC is this viable

Im making a beserker this is a dexterity question/

20 bo
20 weapon mastery
20 beserk

max strength
? dexterity
max vitality
base mana

im going to use a polearm. i would like to be able to pvp still. this IS a zerker. what am i supposed to do about dexterity? that is my main problem. is a bvc supposed to use dexterity?


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uhm what can i say? Ur build is not even close to BvC... Hell its one big piece of (no offense but u know...)

this WONT work

Mr Pato

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does bvc use dexterity?
No, or only to hold a widowmaker.
And like Thor said, that is not a BvC.
I've never seen a berserk barb in pvp, and I highly doubt it will work.
Edit: And why make two threads with the same question?



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Your answer have been answered several times already, and I strongly doubt this will work in pvp.

Edit: And there is a little EDIT button that you can also use, so you don't have to make 2 posts. And why you made 2 threads about same subject?