BvB / melee ww barb charm questions


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BvB / melee ww barb charm questions

What is the best combination of charms for a BvB barb?

I assume all should be ar/life charms?

Is there any need for poison damage small charms or should they all concentrate on ar/life?

Are gcs the best? Are a mixture of gcs/lcs/scs the best? This is ladder and I don't have 3/20/20 small charms.

Right now I have four decent ar/life gcs, and a few ar/life lcs, and the rest ar/life scs with a few life/res scs mixed in.

For FHR, I have arreats, dungoes, and an 8 all res / 8 fhr large charm, so I hit the 48% fhr breakpoint.


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AR/life scs or gcs

Max/AR/life gcs or scs

all of them work. Just make sure any of the charms gives Max/AR/Life or AR/Life mods.

Mastery and Bcombs gcs are just cheap alternatives...

and don't use WarCry gcs...


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Yes, skillers aren't that good for barb in pvp (exept singer). Best is ar/life and max/ar/life charms mixed (in my opinnion). And few charms that gives res too.