bvb build


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bvb build

hey guys ive already made a bvc barb that pwns any sorce that comes in its path so i decided to make a bvb to destroy the ones my bvc cant. here is my thought on the build


str - enough for gear
dex - round 100 points
vit - rest
ene - none


max mastery
max ww
max shout
max bo
5-10 in iron skin


helm - sig helm
armor - silks
weapon - 150 bh (which i found on hell cs run :))
boots - goblin toe
belt - fhr, life, and res belt (had to trade gull for it)
gloves - sig gloves
rings - angelic
ammy - angelic

so wht u guys think. the gear is cheap except for the silks but i have 3 so its no big deal. any thoughts or suggestions?


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I wouldnt put any points in to dex since your going to use a BH. Also, if your dueling a pure BvB, i would advise not using silk because you will have no chance of beating it unless it was a poorly built BvB. Just switch to twitchrob is you have to.


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I didn't see a shield listed. if you go cookie cutter swordback shield, you'll definately need every ounce of spare stats you would have wasted on dex in vitality.

another option, would be to make a titan. 250 str, 250 vit. everything else base.

with this route, a 290+ grim shiled, and an 850+ ornate would probably suit you better. (and perhaps a very high grim helm as well to boost the def even more)

*shrug* I don't have a ****on of interest in building characters that are so specialized. I honestly have more fun pvm, but LLD has almost captured my interest... almost...


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stevenluckymann said:
hmm ok thx. i already started to remake my bvb barb lol. could u be more specific on a titan build?
main difference between a titan bvb, and a vita bvb are the stat point allocations from what I recall.

with a 150+ dmg bh (one with higher ED the better) and 250 str, you should see 1,100 or higher one handed bh damage... combine that with crushing blow gear, chance of critical strike, and/or open wounds and it's suddenly a viable option, even going up against someone that has 4k life (with 250 vit) and a high enough BO (keep +2 ammy, tarn, and +2 bosticks on hand) you should still have decent enough life.

the actual duel will, as is the case with most duels also have a significant amount of skill enter into it. so many builds give a "one shot one kill" ability these days, which in large part is why I don't do a ****on of duelling.

one shot one kill however, is impressive when you have someone unparty in a CS run, and start ****ing around, either trying to PK it, or raid the cs.

I'm usually carrying too much gambling gold, and/or too far along on the way to the next level to risk getting wounded by a pk-er and then killed by a monster for the massive xp loss. *Shrug*