Buying a 99?


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Buying a 99?

How is it that we as posters can not link to EBAY auctions ; not that I would I think the whole idea is pathetic, but yet lo' and behold right on the front page of this very web site is an advertisement for such an auction?

Does this mean we all can sumbit our EBAY auctions to DII net for further exposure?

EBAY is one of the top driving forces behind all major duping sprees because people out there are greedy and want to make a buck on something that i still cant believe Blizzard hasnt put a stop to yet.

Maybe its the flu talking but im thourghly sickened by this site now for posting that auction


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Well, i see the hypocrism you are suggesting, however, i dont think it was posted really to promote the auction, or to advertise for the seller, I think it was there because it shows the 1st lvl 99's gear and a well equipped ladder account.

I think its kinda pointless to put it there, im sure it will definitly boost the number of views on the auction, however i dont think there was any intention of promote the selling of the account, just my $.02

P.S. Maybe its Elly/Flux/Gaile's Character.... hmmmmm ;)



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Let me guess. The post is by Flux I bet, right? Let's just say he seems to operate by his own set of rules. Linking eBay auctions on these forums, for any reason, is expressly forbidden, regardless of what news items are posted by Flux.


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It would seem as though that post has since been removed from the front page; I don't see it there anymore.