Bush No Longer A 'Stay The Course' Guy - Commentary

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Bush No Longer A 'Stay The Course' Guy - Commentary

Bush No Longer A 'Stay The Course' Guy
CBS's Meyer Eyes The Latest, Greatest Presidential Doublespeak

It's official: the Bush administration's "stay the course" was a figment of the American imagination. Never happened. Wasn't our position. Never said it. Wasn't me.

President Bush hinted that he was aware the country was hearing voices on the occasion of his Oct. 11 news conference.

"The characterization of, you know, 'It's 'stay the course' is about a quarter right," he said. " 'Stay the course' means keep doing what you're doing. My attitude is: Don't do what you're doing if it's not working — change. 'Stay the course' also means don't leave before the job is done."


The official declaration that "stay the course" never happened came two weeks later. "Listen, we've never been 'stay the course,' George," the president told George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. "We have been — we will complete the mission, we will do our job and help achieve the goal, but we're constantly adjusting the tactics. Constantly."


Sure it's biased but I found it to be funny, as the double talk kind of reminded me of the "Who's on First" skit. :grin:

"Stay the Course" or "Complete the Mission", does it really matter? Coming from a president who's lost all credibility. It seems to me that Clinton and Bush are starting a grand tradition of presidents who have lost their credibility. Do you think after these two that their predecessors can bring credibility back to the united states presidency?
The intent of "stay the course" has been and always will be a stategic one. All that Pres. Bush is saying is that the tactics are changing. He's changing the words so maybe, perhaps, possibly, but I doubt it, the left will see the difference.


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They're floundering in Iraq and they're worried about the impact on the next election, so they're covering their arse in the event that they decide to do a complete about-face.

And they're doing a pretty laughable job of it - come on, "stay the course" is only a quarter right? They're backpedalling so hard they've slowed the rotation of the planet on its axis.


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Sometimes I wonder whether George Jr. is a Democratic party spy... sent over to destroy the GOP from within.


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No, you voted for the other loser. What's his title again? Oh, that's right...it's Senator.
OOHH! We need ice on that burn pronto! :laugh:

But seriously, I don't think it's a big issue. He is right, after all. Now if we wanted to pull out of Iraq or whatever, you might be on to something. But we HAVE constantly changed our tactics over the course of the war. Though it clearly looks like an attempt to save face politically, he's not entirely wrong.



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Bush, 1st term:

4th lowest winning margin in history (in fact for a majority he needed 270 seats and he got 271), and the lowest margin in 124 years. And of course, he actually lost the popular vote.

Bush, 2nd term:

7th lowest winning margin in history, and the lowest margin in ** years (not including his own 2000 election of course).

By "winning margin" I mean the ratio of the winner's Electoral College votes to their opponent's. It is also interesting to note that no other two-term President has performed so poorly in both terms. Woodrow Wilson came close in his second term (ranked sixth) but in his first he won five times as many EC votes as his opponent (and is ranked 39th). Thomas Jefferson drew dead even with his opponent in his first term (ranked second) but in his second term won eleven times as many votes (ranked 50th).


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