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Hey, I know I don't post here usually, but just wanted to share how devastated I am since I just lost my account which was 20 years old.

I'm 35 and had been playing Diablo 2 on bnet since 2000. Honestly I played most in those early years, pretty much up through 2009 and then stopped. However, I always made the effort to refresh my accounts over the months and years. I had multiple 99s, never used any bots or anything, and I had some serious loot on my characters. A couple years ago even I had my younger brother look at my items and stuff (since he's much more savvy with this kind of stuff) and he had estimated I had about $5-8,000 worth of stuff.

But tbh I'm not upset about losing on any money. If that were the case I would've sold the stuff years ago when I found out how much it was. I'm upset because those characters and items had so many memories attached to them. I remember building a computer back in 2004 and instantly downloading and playing diablo on it, I remember going to college and being homesick, but playing diablo evened me out, I remember pulling all nighters to play and not going to bed until 7am, I remember just being so stoked about getting certain items, nice rolls on runewords, and doing so many runs with friends with characters on that account. I remember doing a Meph run back in 2002 and being on the phone with a girl from high school and she asked me to the prom and I was just so much more worries about not getting killed by a stygian doll while teleporting. I know this all might sound lame but it just sucks to know that 20 years worth of playing and saving things is gone just like that.

I knew this day would come at some point, where life just caught up and I would forget about it. I have a wife and 2 kids now, work as a teacher, coach, and summer program director, bought a house this past year, and just have so many other things going on. I remember joking to my 6 year old son last year that "one day that account will be yours" and he's like what're you talking about. Oh well, maybe instead of harping on what's been lost I can use this as a chance to actually get back into Diablo. It's my favorite game of all time, and while I liked Diablo 3, I never got into it with the same enthusiasm. If I were to get back into it, is there still a decent online community in public games?

Sorry for the lame post but I figured this would be the best place to say this! I'm sure a lot of you guys have gone through something like this at some point. Hope you're all doing well and staying safe too.

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Sorry to hear about yur loss. I haven't played D2 in over 10 years at least.

Yes there's still a decent online community for D3 (the forumers of this site), but we aren't really "here" anymore. We're ""here" now.

If you're interested, you can always check out our forum games subsection too, We are all there.

You might remember me, I was/am Gorny and go by that name on the other boards.