Building Smiter. Need Help


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Building Smiter. Need Help

My Smiter is level 87. So far I have the basics done.

20 Smite
20 Holy Shield
20 Fanaticism
1 Prequisits.

These are the skills id like to add points to:

Defiance (Only if I actually need it)
Vigor (I was thinking about just getting the boots that add 2 to vigor, it would save me 3-4 skill points!).. But I want Vigor to Desynch
Holy Freeze (I wanna try Flashing.. Would take 2 points)
Resist Lightning (Tanking Lightning)
Resist Cold (Tanking Cold)
Resist Fire (Tanking Fire)
Charge (Charge Attack rating and Damage)

When Im level 90, ill have 35 skill points remaining.

I want a character that can devastate alot of players. Any Advice on how to finish the build?


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Re: Building Smiter. Need Help

Charge is a prereq and is best left a one point. Holy freeze is fine with one point, vigor is a must have and you should put a point into it. Not worth using Tearhaunch when you could use something good like Gores or Treks or whatever.

I think Defiance in conjunction with Holy Shield would be quite nice and would give barbs and ww sins a headache. I would max defiance. I wouldn't pump all three resist auras, just lightning since that is the most dangerous. 2 hard points gives +1 max resist, very nice especially since it's passive.

Remember the resist auras only work for every two points, so if you have an extra point left over and Resist Lightning is say, level 14, I would put the last point somewhere else.

1 in salvation might be BM for pvp, but it's definitely nice if you plan to do Uber Tristram. You can also consider 1 point into conviction for team plays.